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Hello everyone! I am new in skinning and I'm making my first skin.
I have a problem with hit circles (answering to all your questions: yes, I was looking through internet and I couldn't find this anywhere). In some mapes, there are two hitcircles, but I need to hit somewhere between'em. I was messing with hitcircles files, but everything went even worse and used backup option.
It's hard to explain, what's really happening, so here's the screenshot:
My guess is that your skin is using a trick to get the hitcircles to fade out quicker, and that trick is to put them in the default-x.png (number) files instead of the proper hitcircle file, and making that one blank.
However that trick relies on a property in the skin.ini file called "HitCircleOverlap", which has to be set to half the width of your default-x.png file.

Upon importing these files to a skin which doesn't have the skin.ini part of the trick, you'll observe this.

If you think this isn't it, please zip up your skin in its current state and send it over for investigating :^)
Thanks :) It's working now, no investigation needed.
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