Do you know any good FPS games?

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I've got a strong computer so it doesn't matter how big the game is. I am willing to pay 75$ or less (Maybe over 75$) :)
roblox is my personal favorite
Oh, there a bunsh out there, however it belongs to your playstyle which you should buy.

I dont know how familiar you are with all the mainstream FPS games, however i might just give you some hints here ^^
The pretty new release "Battlefield 1" itself is a very well made game. The Singleplayer was much fun and well designed. Many people like the multiplayer too, however, there are so many lemme say not that smart people out there, so I raged here and there about my team, so you should definitely find somebody to play this game with :)
Call of Duty has been a good fast paced infantery only FPS game, however, all last releases have been just garbage, so if you are looking for that kinda game, wait what the year brings, maybe the next CoD release wont be a flop, although i cant believe that in the moment. Try to pick up Black Ops 2 somewhere if you cant wait. There arent that many players there anymore, however, everytime i search for atleast gamemodes like Team Deathmatch or Domination i still can usually find a lobby.
And now comes the real deal. If you wanna get good at FPS games, you wanna get a challenge and have fun at getting better at a game - not simply the flashing bashing level ups and achievements - then try Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Its the cheapest option and has the best outcome. The gameplay is a little bit different and a little bit hard to learn, however there are plenty of tutorials everywhere for this game and playing it competitive is just so much fun, especially with friends and the new lobbysystem which allows you to find partys with people from your country.

This is a summary i can give about those "mainstream" FPS Games. Different Games for different playstyles. You can also take a look at ARMA which should be a pretty realistic and slow paced game, but i never played it, so i cant say anything about that ^^
Soul Evans
Overwatch is pretty neat
For me, it has to be Battlefield 4. Can't resist jet bombing C flag on Siege of Shanghai so it comes crumbling down HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
Planetside 2, its actually a MMOFPS (the only real one I think) with three factions, vehicles and continent combat in an open world. Its also free and NOT p2w.
haha is this a rhetorical question

Well,it depends of your play style.

If you want to play and have fun, i personally recommend you TF2, and if you want to play seriously CSGO
osu is a fun game
Call of duty for casuals, Counter Strike for skills.

PS: if you're going to pay $75 for a game, CS:GO is the best option for 15 dollars along with having a full inventory of at least one skin for each existing weapon (knife is a weapon costing less than $40, at most more than $400 and the rest (all guns) is like ranging from $0.03 to more than $1000).
what if Counter Strike 1.6 ? its pretty good tho
DOOM is a fucking fun fastpaced fps game where you'll feel like a badass and things go vroom vroom without a damn care for cutscenes and just gives you constant adrenaline rush. One of the best fps I've played lately imo.

Very expensive though.
Out of all FPS games I've tried i can always come back to CS:GO.. Its good imo
Counter Strike.
Insurgency. Poor man's Arma. Hyper-realistic shooting game, that it's already a military simulator. Pretty neat.

Or Rainbow Six Siege.

Don't do CS:GO, or risk your life to be taken away by the game.
Play Planetside 2. Choose the purple people. Look up a quick tutorial on youtube and be prepared to spend years of your life addicted like me.
you need skill, accuracy , brain ...
a really good game ( i've spend more than 1800 hours on him :P )
You shouldn´t play FPS games. i played every tactical shooter and what did i get? CANCER.
cs go 5000h (2000 esea)
Rainbow six (2300h)
call of duty (600) black ops 3 and infinite warfare and this remastred shit togehter.
battlefield 1 (12h was fun for like 30min and after that it was just boring as fuck)

just saying you will meet even in esea rage hacker and every third match the enemy team will toggle (ranks doesent matter even S rank get D´s in their team).

Every FPS game isn´t it worth to play
Comfy Slippers
cod4 promod, even tho it's dead.. used to have around 2.5k hours on xfire

could never enjoy overwatch, not my cup of tea i guess
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