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I wish i had this map when i start... Because my first map is Cross Time Hard! almost the 8th beat fail. I'm such a noob.
Well, For now I'm pawning cross time hard, lol.

Sorry for my lacking english.
Thanks, These beatmaps made me improve a lot.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I can Get MUCH Better Cause This will Help Tons! I might also Help Put Together More Parts To Get Beginners Better!

kuwarudo wrote:

i wish i found this earlier :(

like 3 months ago
Better at osu yet?
I gotta say, these songs are helping me suck less quite a bit.

Thanks a ton OP.
Nice songs to start :)
I wish i could find this earlier too,since when i started playing i started with songs that are hell for begginers,like Paradise Lost(Chihara Minori) and Distorted Pain(Karen). :(
Thx it helped me alot :)
Yay finally found this one this is really a big help I searching for beatmaps with easy mode
and this 1 make my searching easier thx a lot :P
Thank you for this, now I know how to play.
[deleted user]
This is Great! I've gotten Really Good Already!
:( it doesn't work with some of them it says the audio is missing and i used winrar into songs folder just as you said... edit: none of the songs work... i've tried everything that has been mentioned in this thread i'm going to faqs :(
sweet.ACCURACY BOOST!!!!!!!
go freebies!
Thanks a lot for this, it helped me a lot c:
thx for the guide..hope it really helps..^^
[deleted user]
:roll: Nice
Mr jiang724
oh thanks a lot
Thanks.. or my cousin will never get used to this game !!!

why i try almost every thing play for 3 days now and still sucks how can ppl be so fast and hit everything i dont get it :cry: what do i do wrong

Debiru1 wrote:


why i try almost every thing play for 3 days now and still sucks how can ppl be so fast and hit everything i dont get it :cry: what do i do wrong
Oh it's all due to a person's hand eye coordination. Some people are just better (quicker) at identifying beats and patterns and can match their hand to the speed of the beat. It isn't something you can just pick up right away, it takes many hours of practice and even that will only get you so far. There exists a skill level in which most people will never reach. Don't worry about being insanely awesome at osu just yet, it will come if one plays long enough.

Keep in mind of the tempo of a song and how it is reflected in the spacing of the map. Tempo is a fancy word for the beat. The tempo of a song for the most part will not change. That means if you find a songs overall pacing, than your overall success at that song will be based on how steady you can move your cursor.The better you can move with a beatmaps tempo, the easier it becomes to notice changes in tempo such as jumps, antijumps, and chnages in spacing. Use approach circles as a guide to finding a beats tempo. If you are able to identify the tempo (how fast you need to move to hit the notes ), and are able to follow that tempo, then most normal difficulties will be no match for you. A mastery of idetifying patterns and following a difficultie's tempo at often higher speeds is required when making the jump from Normal to hard difficulties.
These maps were the first ones I ever played in osu!, and they helped a lot in getting used to these types of rhythm games :P Took me a bit over 2 hours to pass them all. I did find that Puffy Ami Yumi (BOSS) was a lot easier than TAITO or bloody tears. Sparta was just such awful song that I couldn't bear to try it again. Same thing with Animal crossing. But I guess this is simply a matter of taste.

Enough with the whining, thanks for these packs :>
Great!! 8-)
Now, I can play PERFECTLY KOTOKO-Agony :D
But , I'm still lack on using mods :P
i think that the cards/maps are perfect for me.. too =]
This is an amazing selection of songs :) Too bad I don't really need them now, although I still suck at streams.
aww how nice of you for starters
wish I had seen this when I started playing osu, although now Im more focused on figuring out how to do beatmaps that have 100+ notes to em without my arm feeling like its going to fall off :P
Wow. Thanks for the bitmaps to train off of. I have to say. It really help me to play osu better. Also I like a couple songs here =]
Thanks! :) I should of found this earlier in the FAQ's :o
Anyways, the Pollyanna made me improve a lot because it's my favorite song!
Thanks for posting these maps. I am terrible at this game but find it fun, so hope to use them to improve 8-)
wow. now i*m learned how to play and ;)
THANK GOD, now when new people come onto #osu looking for new maps, I can just CTRL + V this thread :D

h4ngedm4n wrote:

Thanks for posting these maps. I am terrible at this game but find it fun, so hope to use them to improve 8-)
Well as long if you are having fun.. that's all it matters xD
Great guide!
Downloaded them all. o_o.

I'm hoping to get better, thanks alot!
Thanks man this really help me improve!
Thank you very much for all these song suggestions with out this I probably would have quit after my first few song which turned out to be 5star :s atm I am up to doing 4 star songs and am enjoying the game a lot.
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