Hello! Lemme Introduce My Self ^-^

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Hello, im Adapt. No not Faze Adapt. Im a kid who is 13 years old, and was introduced to the anime community when I was little! I live in America, in a small state and town, Speedway, Indiana. I've been playing osu! for about a year now, and I love the community. I have quit osu for about 3 months, which is why my rank is like this, but im trying to get it back down to where i was (80 k). Anyways, thats who I am <3

(EDIT) I dont go on the forums that much btw ;P
Sandy Hoey
Welcome to the forums and back to osu!
Oh man, I'd have wished to find out about osu when i was that young...
Whatever, welcome to the forums and good look on getting back to your old rank ;)
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