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Problem Details:

I was going to make a post about how the new score system created an issue with the SS, S, and A rank counts on a player's profile, but it was fixed while I was writing that post.

"[peppy] Fix SS/S/A counts incrementing incorrectly in some cases."

Anyway, when I tested the original issue, I gained 4 SS ranks that wouldn't have counted before the issue started happening. Now that the issue has been fixed, those kinds of SS ranks aren't being added to the overall SS count on my profile, but the 4 SS ranks that I got while the issue was happening are still being counted.

To put it simply, I had 13,750 SS ranks before the issue; I gained 4 glitched SS ranks when the issue was happening; Now, I still have 13,754 SS ranks even though the issue has been fixed.

Is this because of the website updating slowly? If not, is this something that can be fixed for me and all other players?

Thanks for reading my post.

osu! version: 20170103.2 (latest)
Account-related issues are not handled on the forum, so please don't post them here.
  1. Send an email to accounts@ppy.sh detailing your issue instead. This means anything that is directly related to your account, including flag changes, username changes, osu!supporter payment issues, account security concerns, etc...

Please read the rules next time before posting.
I don't believe that this is "account-related," Kao. In this post, I am referring to an issue with the SS, S, and A counts on everyone's profiles that is left over from something that has already been fixed. "Account-related," in this case, refers only to the things that are listed in your post, as in, issues that are only affecting my account and nothing else. This issue is not that since it is affecting everyone's profile given that they gained some glitched SS, S, or A ranks.

I appreciate that you read my post though and if someone else chimes in and says that this is account related, then I'll reconsider.
Those who have glitched profiles would report there and their count would be fixed if it could
I don't see any reason why it is wrong.
The issue has been fixed as from your post, so it doesn't really matter if there was a post now. I don't know really much, but I'm pretty sure it left some destruction

That's why any users who got affected might as well report that the bug happened to them, in which that email could help.
A recalculation will happen once we make sure everything is working correctly for a few days. For now just wait please.
This issue isn't a singular occurrence. Everyone who played maps that they already had played before with a different mod-combination as their top play in the 3-ish hour window where the rank counts incremented incorrectly are subtly effected by this issue. Most of those people will not notice. Since it effects many people, having everyone send an individual email would be inefficient. Since it might go unnoticed by most, relying on everyone to send in an email means that those who did not notice will now have their profile rank counts be permanently incorrect.

Again, thank you for your contribution, but without someone else, preferably someone on the support team, coming into this thread and ultimately defining what "account-related" means, then I don't see this debate going anywhere. You are free to keep writing your points if you want and I will respond as soon as I can anyway.

Trosk- wrote:

A recalculation will happen once we make sure everything is working correctly for a few days. For now just wait please.
Oh, ok. I apologize for being impatient. Thank you for resolving the issue for me.
The issue with the profile rank counts was apparently not be completely fixed. t/547326

Due to this, this thread is no longer relevant since it was created on the basis that the original issue had been fixed. At this point, it would be best for someone on the support team to label this thread as resolved since it is no longer needed.

However, keep in mind that a recalculation that was talked about before in this thread was never put into place judging by the fact that the top of the osu!mania performance point rankings are still littered with negative A ranks (see the thread that I linked to at the start of this post). I want the support team and the osu! staff to remember to do some sort of profile rank count recalculation soon after the original issue gets fixed because it is necessary for the accuracy of the statistics on each player's profile and, therefore, necessary for the integrity of the design of user profiles as a whole.
Again, there is no need for this thread to take up space in the Help Forum since it is no longer relevant. Can someone please mark this as resolved?

Also, just like I said in my last post, don't forget to do a recalculation of everyone's profile stats after the issue has been fixed!
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