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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on vendredi 24 mars 2017 at 12:49:04

Artist: Our Stolen Theory
Title: United (L.A.O.S Remix)
Tags: large amount of soul drum and bass dnb technical
BPM: 175
Filesize: 8424kb
Play Time: 05:32
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ubiquity (5,19 stars, 2223 notes)

Download: Our Stolen Theory - United (L.A.O.S Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Large Amount Of Soul → http://www.largeamountofsoul.com/
Our Stolen Theory → https://soundcloud.com/ourstolentheory
Buy → https://itunes.apple.com/fi/album/unite ... d555980373
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Ironically, this map is the reason why I want to separate myself from taiko.
Tu sais qu'a la base j'avais crée une diff sur ta map pour le fun?
No Joke.
where did the SV changes go? :o

I'd prolly be down to bubble this tbh... My only concern is the use of even patterns seeming slightly random to me. Do you have some sort of system behind their use? If yes please explain, if not then make it a bit more consistent please and call me back :D
all gucci now, i only kept the even patterns between kiais 2 and 3 to break the monotony of the part and all the others are gone
and i don't know what you mean by "where did the sv go"

tags added : meaning of L.A.O.S, dnb stuff and "technical" for technical mapping
changed to 6.5
figured out the SV glitch was caused by aimod being dumb
fixed unsnapped kiai ends
talked a bit in irc, changed back to OD7 added a note and deleted another note xD

let the shitstorm regarding how i've gotten a bubble with 4 lines of modding in 5 days begin
WTF? Bubble without modding?!?!

Unmei Muma wrote:

let the shitstorm regarding how i've gotten a bubble with 4 lines of modding in 5 days begin
i was right
NoFood so kind ,.
I'm just gonna point shit out and then be really interested in Nwolf's mod.

  1. 01:18:773 - Kind of a really subpar stream as far as one to have show up out of nowhere. It looks like it'd be mapped to something but that ends up not being the case. If you won't remove it or something, at least make it less bland?
  2. 01:40:801 (506) - Delete? Having this stream the same emphasis as the previous takes away emphasis from it.
  3. 01:42:173 (519) - Move this note to 01:42:173 (519) - ? More directly put, it sounds way better.
  4. 02:07:973 (722,723,724) - Hey how about anything BUT dkd after dkd.
  5. 02:16:201 (793) - k? So the player isn't hitting their don key five times in a row.
  6. 02:40:458 (1003) - k? So the stream doesn't have a case of convert-itis, contrasting from most streams around it.
  7. 02:46:544 - Starting here I think you could structure the kiai end more like the first.
  8. 02:50:316 - Can you make this an actual slowdown instead of... this?
  9. 03:19:973 (1186,1187,1188,1189) - These being doubles feels like a heavy contrast to the rhythm of that bit.
  10. 03:30:258 (1261) - d? Puts more emphasis onto the kkddk and how the k 1/1 rhythm gets formed.
  11. 03:32:144 (1278,1279,1280,1281,1282,1283) - ddkdkkd? This part actually has build up so a stream would be nice. I know I'm decimating your 2222 combo but in that case maybe remove notes from earlier streams and add them to these parts that need them? xd
  12. 03:40:716 - You may as well add a note here to keep it consistent with every other happening and not making the ddkdk d into an ugly island.
  13. 03:48:944 - There is literally no justification for not having a note here.
  14. 03:55:716 (1468) - Delete this note? Starting off with a 7plet like that sucks a bit musically among other things.
  15. 04:14:316 (1637) - d? The k spam is jarring, would sound more pleasant.
  16. 04:39:001 - Seems off to me to see this part have simple patterns, then have the rest of the song have 5plets and whatnot so frequently. Just a rethink suggestion.

there's a glance of a mod

OzzyOzrock wrote:

I'm just gonna point shit out and then be really interested in Nwolf's mod.

  1. 03:19:973 (1186,1187,1188,1189) - These being doubles feels like a heavy contrast to the rhythm of that bit.

there's a glance of a mod
changed literally everything else mentioned in the mod except this bit, because its bad and you should feel bad i find this configuration more interesting than just triplets. improv feels a bit better on this part too tbh
Oh, I meant to remove that suggestion oops.

02:05:401 (700) - Missing a finisher?
02:16:373 (793) - ^ Though if it follows suit, you'd end a pattern on the barline instead.
02:27:344 (884) - ^ D
03:11:230 (1125) - This one as well maybe? Though the crash is much softer than 03:22:201 (1202) - so just pointing it out.
03:55:116 (1464) - ^ D
04:06:087 (1566) - Same with ending a pattern on it.
04:17:058 (1669) - ^ D (This is all following the suit of 01:21:516 (342) - existing btw)

Otherwise, looks way better now.
mod sponsored by ilikethed

i accepted everything lul
*ness voice* ok

Bubble #2!
Changed a few patterns and volume

17:24 Unmei Muma: i'm thinking of renaming my diff to sempiternity :^3
17:25 Nwolf: what
17:26 Unmei Muma: another synonym of infinity
17:27 Nwolf: should at least use something other than Oni ye
17:27 Unmei Muma: There's ubiquity
17:27 Unmei Muma: it's a more common word
17:27 Unmei Muma: and it starts with a vowel like eternity and infinity C:
17:27 Nwolf: lame? :D
17:28 Unmei Muma: lame isnt related to infinity
17:28 Unmei Muma: :D
17:28 Nwolf: eternity-sempiternity sounds good
17:28 Unmei Muma: pf
17:43 Nwolf: hitsounds could be louder
17:43 Nwolf: in loud parts
17:43 Nwolf: aka after 00:59:401 -
17:44 Unmei Muma: anything more besides that?
17:46 Nwolf: ye
17:46 Nwolf: 01:25:630 (375,376,377,378,379,380,381,382,383,384,385,386) - would invert colors here completely
17:46 Nwolf: cause bass don, snare kat etc. :P
17:50 Unmei Muma: for loud parts: putting 95
17:52 Nwolf: 02:07:287 (714,715,716,717,718,719,720) - maybe have this be kdkkddk to emphasize the ni-ted with kats
17:53 Unmei Muma: 714
17:53 Unmei Muma: also ive changed my mind about loud parts
17:53 Unmei Muma: 90
17:53 Unmei Muma: 100 for kiais and the part after the last kiai
17:53 Nwolf: ye 90 is high enough
17:54 Unmei Muma: pattern suggestion 1: thinking about d ddk dddkddk
17:54 Unmei Muma: it's not a pure inversion but it inverts
17:54 Nwolf: 02:41:401 (1010,1011,1012,1013,1014,1015,1016,1017,1018,1019,1020) - this seems randomly long for me
17:54 Unmei Muma: pat sugg2 : applied
17:55 Nwolf: could remove one or two notes and add them in other places, for example 01:50:830 (581,582,583,584,585,586) - seems to be missing a 1/4 triplet
17:55 Nwolf: and if two notes less: 02:46:116 - could add one here
17:55 Nwolf: ^ a don
17:56 Unmei Muma: pat 3 : applying rn
17:56 Unmei Muma: 01:51:258 - added one here
17:56 Unmei Muma: 02:41:487 - 02:41:830 - deleted
17:57 Unmei Muma: though it renders weird with the current patterning so i'll change to
17:57 Nwolf: 02:41:401 (1010) - kat pls btw
17:57 Unmei Muma: 02:41:401 (1011,1012,1013,1014,1015,1016,1017,1018,1019) - > k ddk ddkkd
17:57 Unmei Muma: HAH i had the idea before you sent
17:57 Unmei Muma: C:
17:57 Nwolf: C:
17:58 Unmei Muma: added the note at 2:46:116
17:59 Nwolf: 04:01:030 (1517) - maybe move this 04:01:544 - here (as don) and change 04:01:201 (1518) - to kat. Or move the note and then change it a different way you like
18:00 Unmei Muma: i did it your way
18:01 Unmei Muma: 04:02:316 (1529) - should be k now
18:01 Nwolf: k
18:01 Nwolf: update
18:01 Unmei Muma: didn't change diff name yet
18:02 Unmei Muma: i'm putting ubiquity because people will go all "wtf is sempiternity"
18:04 Unmei Muma: doen
18:04 Nwolf: people will go "wtf is ubiquity" too rofl
18:04 Unmei Muma: "ubiquitous" is a more common word than sempiternity tbh
18:05 Nwolf: OK
18:05 Nwolf: YEAH

Nwolf wrote:

17:53 Unmei Muma: 714

>unused sb leftovers
i'll requalify when ur done

should be good
might wanna move the BG up a bit so you can see the people :D
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