post anime(or anything) characters that looks alike

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Nekoroll wrote:

K-ON and Sora No Woto

On that note:

Also, OPs to Baccano and DRRR but it's to be expected almost, I guess.
this, I forgot about this sora no woto and K-on was too similar in looks and numbers,,

Maliciousness wrote:

Include this:

Uh okay they're both "Plue". But different manga, Rave Master and Fairy Tail gaarrrg same author.
The real thing.

Blonde anime dudes looks alike. Most of the time. But not always.
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Nazeko wrote:

Maliciousness wrote:

Include this:
better with her : D

oh.. another one : D
after some PSing and frame skipping to get the most of their same appearances


MDuh wrote:

And they're both too much like Rei Ayanami, in terms of personality and appearance.

shy girl with short hair and glasses is about as generic as you can get.

adam2046 wrote:

And now I'm going to have this stuck in my head all day.
And now I'm going to have to map this.
komoe and ringo? Tagia and ryouko? is it just me or is j.c. staff reusing similar characters? (to aru majutsu no index, toradora, and ookami-san are all made by j.c. staff)
I most certainly wouldn't say that for instance taiga and ryoko has the same personality. To a small degree, maybe, but overall, no.

They aren't identical copies, in fact they aren't all that alike at all, just that they are both illustrated in an overly generic hurranimu artstyle.


-Sekai- wrote:

Honey-sempai from Ouran High School Host Club (Mitsukuni Haninozuka).And Momiji Sohma from Fruits Basket. :)

Here is another one again! I know this character is not in a serie too but it really looks alike with this other character! :D
Tsukasa Hiiragi and Kagamine rin!! X3

clannad|Lucky star
Kyou & Kagami
Ryou & Tsukasa

They don't just look alike, but their personalities are also similar. (ps. they're also both twins)

Every male protagonist from a "Key" anime looks the same.

Gabi wrote:

Every male protagonist from a "Key" anime looks the same.
Oh? What about Naoe Riki then? You know, that Shouta from LB!
when it comes down to it, i can never find any pictures that look the same. never T.T
and guys please name the animes, it makes it easier on us who don't know the anime so we can cross reference later on :D

btw, i couldn't find good pictures, so i'm going to talk about it instead. if anybody has any good pictures, post please :)

One Piece vs. Fairy Tail:
Luffy vs. Natsu - Their love for food, that grin, and all those poses are identical.
Nami vs. Lucy - Personality, grin, etc.
Ace vs. Gray - Although looking at pictures now, I guess not really. However, when I first saw Gray, this is what I thought of.
Shanks vs. Gildarts - Again looking now, not REALLY, but it off memory I thought they looked pretty similar -.-
Was watching s2 of haruhi when i noticed she kinda looks like yui from k-on.
07 Ghost

mathexpert9981 wrote:

Was watching s2 of haruhi when i noticed she kinda looks like yui from k-on.
Same producers.

Left is Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and right is Kenta Usui from Karin.
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