What is a good improvement rate?

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I have been playing osu! for 7 hours, across the two days that i have played it. Currently i can halfway complete a three star beat map before i lose and move onto the next map. Is this a good improvement rate? Or am i actually slow at improving? Also is there a way to improve faster than what i am doing?
Nothing, a "good improvement rate" doesn't exist. Especially after two days, it just mean nothing. The good improvement rate is the one when you get better than the previous day, that's all.
Rushing isn't improving. Improving is by taking small steps and mastering one lower level and then transitioning into higher difficulties. You just played for 2 days, at that time, I'm still playing 1* lol. Anyway, as I said, good improvement rate is by doing good from the lower difficulties then to the higher ones.
it's called "how much I enjoy the game" curve, with a graph plotted with "plz enjoy game" to "total hits"

winber1 wrote:

You should start playing for fun, and then improve your accuracy and your aim.
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Its hard to determine an improvement rate when its only been 2 days. And I don't think its really necessary to aim for a certain improvement rate. Just get more pp and rank up.
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