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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at 9:56:55 PM

Artist: xi
Title: Zauberkugel
Source: Cytus
Tags: magic bullet Agartha Progressive Jazz Electronic
BPM: 153.5
Filesize: 3000kb
Play Time: 01:50
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1.49 stars, 120 notes)
  2. Extra (5.43 stars, 534 notes)
  3. Hard (3.17 stars, 303 notes)
  4. Insane (4.41 stars, 457 notes)
  5. Normal (1.9 stars, 181 notes)

Download: xi - Zauberkugel
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

wow weird style
Cytus <3
<3 going for rank pishi?

weird mapping style but its awesome lmao
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aestheticist pishifat strikes again
Feed me with more maps like theseeee
Hello from modding queue

00:21:338 (2) - Doesn't 1/6 repeat sound better here? Even though I do like the transition that it approaches but I'll go with my gut instincts on this one
So they'll be some type of variation between 00:18:602 (4,1) - Really your call on what instruments you want to utilize
00:29:546 (2) - Couldn't this also be NC to have it's own specific part. I mean before was all NC on what I presume to be a trumpet like sound. Having it on (2) to have it's distinct part as well wouldn't be to shabby.
00:30:133 (1,2,3) - Only my perception as a player but this may be strange to some others. Maybe other mappers don't choose to do it the way you did. Most mappers approach this rhythm more on the lines of http://puu.sh/vWIpS/f7e6d5bd42.jpg but please do explain I would love to know your idea behind this. Especially taking into consideration all the other rhythms that was already implemented I'm surprised playing this part felt so bland because it was just chalked with sliders (Only at the parts mentioned)
00:34:041 (1,1) - Spacing feels more "natural" if this was swapped around with where 00:34:530 (1) - is at. Since I want more variation in between those 3 singlets because of the last sound itself at 00:34:725 - Especially if 00:34:970 (1,2) - are way higher spaced than the 3 that has the most staccato impact on them. I've seen it work both ways, up to you.
00:40:589 (2) - This feel like it doesn't have much impact. Yes I do hear a slight string sound in there but it just doesn't seem to have a strong purpose of being here. Especially which such a fast transition that was at 00:39:025 (2,3,4,1,2,1,2,3) - It seems like this part 00:40:589 (2,3,4) - was just meant to be played without some kind of way to blend them together. Even something broken down and probably not even good such as http://puu.sh/vWJ2A/a2af950083.jpg could do something since it ties together with the music and utilizes more of the components that the song has. I still like the quirkiness of it maybe that was the stretch beyond this map that I couldn't see yet.
00:43:422 (1,2) - Do you think people might confuse this for a stream? Maybe have this rhythm Ctrl+G at 00:42:934 (2,3) - I believe it'll be more suited to work together towards the end goal of having a slightly easier transition without losing what you had. Especially if it'll add variation with 00:44:497 (2,3,4) - because people played through that 5 note stream the first time. The 2nd time it'll be easier since it's expected.
00:47:625 (3,1) - Even though this feels like such a short widow of opportunity to hit these notes since it's unexpected. Fuck it I'll take it. It's lovely God damn swingy jazz music.
I mean I love the kiai. It really showed me how mapping these type of songs work. Good stuff

Intuition tells me you're fine. I would just be repeating myself. Once the above is responded I'll have sufficient enough reasoning behind the concept of this map.
Keep up the good work

Always be positive, and stay humble. Keep the driving force of osu! this way
Sometimes motivational words no matter how small can push a person's spirit to new heights
m4m thing
  1. The track exists from the game Cytus so it should be used as source. Proof
  2. If we check the page I pointed above we can see that: The title of this song is in German, and means "Magic Bullet" or "Magic Ball". In this case you may add both translation to tags.
  1. RC says:
    Avoid overlapping hitobjects with other elements of the default and beatmap-specific skins. This refers to all elements that are part of the interface and can be skinned.
    Even if it's a guideline it doesn't mean that it can be ignored and also it's highly recomend to be avoided. So these are the overlaps that I found: 00:27:299 (2) - 00:43:129 (3,4) - 01:04:530 (1,2) - 01:11:273 (3) - 01:38:536 (1) - 01:44:791 (3) -
    I really hope that you are gonna avoid all these overlaps with GUI
  2. I don't understand why you ignore so much important sounds like 00:48:308 - 00:48:406 - 00:48:504 - during the sliders: 00:48:113 (1,1,1) - I don't see big diffrence between these sounds and the sounds that you emphasised somehow so in this case I suggest you to emphasis all these sounds.
  3. 00:00:818 (1) - damn it, it's so suddenly. In my opinion a circle would be much better (though it doesn't make much sense tbh because it's fully readable after several retries, so it's up to you)
  4. 00:34:823 - there's an actually noticable sound so I suggest to emphasis it somehow. Since you emphasised melodic sounds by circles i suggest to emphasis this one by slider end.
    Same for 01:27:983 - 01:40:491 - etc
  5. 01:15:475 (2) - imo you could emphasis all these piano sounds.
  1. 01:18:895 (3) - overlap with GUI
    a good diff
  1. 00:01:209 - There aren't any breaks in Easy and Normal diffs so I suggest to remove it. Also I suggest to map this part in all low diffs but it's up to you.
  2. 00:11:761 (4) - why is this placed further from previous object than this 00:11:370 (3) - (3) is placed on downbeat so it's stronger in theory and should be emphasised harder. Even if you would say that 00:11:761 (4) - sounds louder, then why is this 00:13:325 (4) - placed closer than 00:12:934 (3) - ?
  3. 00:47:722 (1) - i suggest you to add a repeat so it would be more interesting to play and the sounds would be emphasised better
  4. 01:12:152 (3) - you could move this a bit down because it overlaps with GUI a bit
  1. if you didn't remove the break in the hard diff then add it here 00:01:208 -
  2. 00:36:778 (3,4) - overlap with GUI (accuracy meter)
  1. if you didn't remove the break in the hard diff then add it here 00:01:208 -
  2. 00:06:680 (2) - ctrl+g this one and place 00:05:898 (1) - on new head so ds now will be perfect for this part 00:06:680 (2,3,4) - and all movements will be consistent
  3. 00:24:660 (3) - overlap with GUI (accuracy meter)
  4. 00:41:859 (1,2) - blanket me senpai
  5. 01:13:911 (2) - overlap with GUI (HP bar)
Hello there! (original joke) Hey! I'm from my Modding Queue!

British note names ahoy.
To be honest the mapset's pretty solid so most of this will be my stupid ideology, and since you're pretty consistent with your themes, what's said about one example will probably apply to all repetitions in the piece.
So let's go!

  1. 00:00:623 - Why do you not map this sound on any of the difficulites?
  2. It might be interesting to add some of the appoggiaturas in the higher difficulties as a sliderend like the one found 00:41:419 - here. After finding this one and looking at the Extra, I'm sure there are more that we've missed and it would be awesome to see most/all of them in-game.
  1. 00:28:569 (1,2) - Rhythmically I don't think this sits well with me. Musically speaking I'd expect the rhythm denoted by 00:28:569 (1) - the sliderend to be a one-off so to speak and then as a player I'm expecting the next note to fall back in time with the crotchet pulse. If 00:29:546 (2) - is an offbeat rhythm it feels very lop sided to play - especially since 00:29:742 - this sounds more important than 00:29:546 - this, even if the phrase picks up on the offbeat. The same goes for 00:32:087 (4) - and the other repetitions.

Not much to argue with what else is wrong 'cause this song is so simplified in an Easy...
  1. I stand with the idea that sliderends can hold the same rhythmical properties as repeat slider ends depending on the next object after it, and that can be a way of identifying unusual rhythms or providing interest as long as those rhythms are prominent in the music. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about but I'll run it through in this example because I'd think it'd be really applicable here, and this point kinda came up in the Easy diff. In 00:25:442 (5,1) - this example, the sliderend 00:25:833 - here is on the drum. You can apply the sliderend idea and change 00:25:442 (5) - this slider into a 3/4 slider. This way, 00:26:028 (1) - will be in the same rhythmical position as 5 if it was a 3/4 repeat slider. Even though you'd usually find this technique in songs with 1/3 divisions and most map like this without knowing, it can also work wonders with dotted rhythms in jazzy songs like this one. Obviously this is a normal and this could be justified as going too far here, but in some places where the rhythm can be very ambiguous it can be a lifesaver when you have nothing else to fall back on. 00:25:442 (5) - That said, I think this slider could use that sliderend for some nice rhythmic interest or perhaps in the key change later on 01:18:602 (5) - for some spicy all out sliderend madness.
  2. 00:30:133 (2,3) - I'm having second thoughts about this rhythm again. Honestly I think the way it's simplified makes it harder to read because there's no real way to prepare 00:30:817 (3) - this offbeat note without already knowing it's there. That means that in the same way as the Easy, it becomes quite common to mistake it for a note on the downbeat instead of the semiquaver upbeat. I think instead of leaving the crotchet gap 00:30:133 (2,3) - here I believe you should rewrite the rhythm in a way that uses the quaver distance snapping that you've already done.
    This way, the player is more savvy to the next object being offbeat aswell (00:31:208 (4) - ). At least that's what I believe.
  3. 00:34:041 (1) - I have a really bad pet peeve about slidershapes with anchors that don't have an aesthetic or musical reason for placing those anchors. All the hard-point sliders until now have been symmetrical 00:19:970 (1) - 00:28:569 (6) - . Unfortunately this one isn't symmetrical and the hard-point isn't on a note in the music, it's on a weird 1/6th division 00:34:367 - .
  4. 00:39:123 - What about giving the sax a circle here?
  5. 00:46:550 (1) - Wouldn't it be better to make one of the straight edges of this slider line up with 00:45:768 (3) - this one, similarly to how you did 00:41:859 (1,2) - this?

    Still pretty solid though.
  1. 00:10:589 - To be blunt this section feels very meander-y. I don't feel like it's following anything important because the drums have some claps on offbeats that aren't being accented (00:11:566 - , 00:13:911 - 00:15:670 - ) . It's not following a melodic instrument. Honestly I can't tell what this is, or even if it belongs here. If you matched your structure to the length of the piano phrases (mostly 3 beat phrases) it might feel more in accord with the music.
  2. 00:23:390 - I'd think a note here would be quite nice since you're missing out on a triple here and it would be a good way to show the start of this section.
  3. 00:27:885 - I have two problems with this bit, and only one can be changed, so here we go;
    >I think missing out on this note within 00:27:592 (1,2,3,4) - this phrase kinda feels weird. Mapping them all as circles would go against the themes you've already used, so perhaps you could make a 1/4 repeat slider starting 00:27:885 - here to include this missing note?
    >However in doing so you you're missing out on some great call and response 00:29:155 (1,2) - here by not including 00:29:644 - this note when it's a repetition of 00:27:983 (2,3,4) - this.
  4. 00:35:605 (1,2) - Because of the way that (2)'s slider shape moves away from the start circle, it appears like you've incorrectly blanketed the two slidershapes. Since blanketing entire slidershapes doesn't really appear in this map, I can safely say that this wasn't your intention, but regardless it does look a little off. This can be avoided by either obeying the blanketing and rotating (2) clockwise by about -11 degrees from selection point, or doubling down on not blanketing (2)'s slidershape by rotating it in the other direction from the selection point so it's instantly apparent that it's intentional.
  5. 00:41:468 (5) - It would please me immensely to be able to play this as the offbeat rhythm in the music 00:41:566 - .

    Well that was nice, haven't got any other qualms.
  • For the beginning I wouldn't really map the rhythm so open like this, so I thought I'd give my 2 cents on what I'd do.
  1. 00:01:989 (3,1) - The gap between these objects is kinda odd, perhaps incorporate 00:01:989 (3) - this 00:02:380 - here like so?
  2. 00:02:673 (1) - Since this is emphasising the piano, shouldn't you be using the correct semiquaver rhythm instead? It's a 5/8 slider, and you can even put a reverse slider in.
  3. 00:03:553 - perhaps a 1/4 sliderend here?
  4. 00:04:725 - I'd put in a repeating 1/4 slider here.
  5. 00:08:243 (4) - Why did you choose to use a longer slider here? I don't think there's much to warrant this one. Especially since 00:08:341 - 00:08:536 - are left unplayed.
  6. 00:23:390 - See Hard.
  7. 00:30:426 (2,3) - These might service you better as circles, they're way more staccato and snappy than 00:28:569 (1,1) - .
  8. 00:40:295 (4) - This might be better off as a sliderend of 00:40:198 (3) - .
  9. 01:02:966 (3) - I'm not really a fan of these circles. Even though there is a drum hit there, I don't think it entirely fits because it's made to seem like 01:02:966 (3) - this is more important than the melody which I definitely would not agree with. I think turning 01:02:869 - this sliderend into a 1/4 slider might be more appropriate for aptly accenting the melody. Things like 01:15:475 (1,2) - this are a lot better though because they do fit the intensity and provide a good contrast into the key change.
  10. 01:28:765 (1) - You didn't really change anything to emphasise the sax popping off. :(
  • In all modesty I think that the high SV is going a little too far in a good number of places. I've come to the conclusion that any non-repeat slider with an SV above 2.60x has to have standard comfortable flow and a pretty low distance between the slider's tail and the proceeding object in order to be an enjoyable experience. Right now there are some really big outliers that cause some very unavoidable and harsh slider breaks. The contrast is nice but I think you've gone a little overboard this time. I don't think stuff like 01:12:934 (3,1) - 01:25:442 (3,1) - 01:34:530 (2,1) - 01:36:484 (1,2) - 01:37:168 (1) - 01:37:950 (3,1) - 01:40:882 (1,2) - can stand without the major setup that would require way more song time than you have available.

  1. 00:00:818 - This sound is pretty abrupt. If you added the sound 00:00:623 - here you could just make a large jump to a circle instead of going out of your way to make a pretty punishing sightread. This is multiplayer lobby killing material :o
  2. 00:01:208 - Just like the Insane, if you're going for the piano here, the rhythms aren't entirely in 1/4 divisions.
  3. 00:10:589 (1) - This slidershape is vastly different to the other anchored slidershapes and there isn't any symmetry or rhythmic reason for the anchor being in that position.
  4. 00:34:970 (1) - why not a 1/8th slider or another circle?
  5. 01:03:358 (2) - This shape for the clap into the next kiai is way more forgiving than the straight sliders. I think you should show this shape more often since it's easily identifiable as it isn't used anywhere else. That way you can give it higher speeds and still make it fair.

    To be honest this is a really clean extra, I just think the ideas have gone a little off course in the kiai.

Sorry I had so little to say. I'm too forgiving.
12:37 AM - Hanabi~: 00:26:615 (2,3,4) - no triangle perfect
12:43 AM - Hanabi~: and 00:30:133 (1,2,3) - didnt u find another way of doing that, it kills me everytime):
12:43 AM - Hanabi~: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8172663 ugly but legible i think
12:47 AM - pishizor` is now Online.
12:49 AM - pishizor`: :chocola:
12:50 AM - Hanabi~: https://steamcommunity-a.akamaihd.net/e ... on/chocola
12:50 AM - pishizor`: 00:30:133 (1) -
12:50 AM - pishizor`: what do u mean about this one
12:51 AM - pishizor`: oh
12:51 AM - pishizor`: makes more sense if didn't = can't
12:51 AM - Hanabi~: 2 and 3 are hard to read
12:51 AM - pishizor`: didn't makes it sound like i had somehting better before
12:52 AM - Hanabi~: oh
12:52 AM - Hanabi~: so cant you find*
12:52 AM - pishizor`: can
12:52 AM - pishizor`: and will
12:52 AM - pishizor`: probably just do your screenshotted thing
12:53 AM - Hanabi~: oh also, in the forth kiai, why dont u map the trumpet thing
12:53 AM - Hanabi~: the beginning of that kiai
12:54 AM - Hanabi~: feels kinda empty with that sound in the background
12:54 AM - pishizor`: i dunno
12:54 AM - pishizor`: i did it on hard but not here somehow
12:55 AM - Hanabi~: g
12:55 AM - Hanabi~: g
Hei fra min kø t/461969

Utrolig kult map! Du er veldig flink til å mappe, det er forsåvidt ingenting å endre, er bare litt pirk, men du kan se hva du liker av det jeg sier.

  1. 00:13:716 (1) - I assume you start going for drums here so you stop doing the 1/4th sliders, then you should highlight this sound 00:15:084 -
    I tried doing something similar to the previous parts here:
  2. 00:22:314 (9,10,1) - How about changing this to highlight the 9-10 movement, and then have it be a nice ending thing that matches the 1-2 section prior (placement at end of tails). They are a lot easier to hit which kinda reflects with the music.
  3. 00:28:569 (1,1,1) - I'm pretty conflicted about this pattern (I think it highlights well!) it also foreshadows the movement in the kiai later, I just think the movement is a bit too hard compared to 01:09:221 (1,2,1) -
    I feel with the speed of the sliders, the natural way to play these sliders is like this
    (back and forth)
    or if you are a real player like so
    (pro circular movement)
    which is different from the kiai which is played like this
    (back and forth, then the circular movement.)
    so how about forcing the second movement by changing the third slider, maybe like this: https://puu.sh/w4geF/ddbe3fffd5.png
    You would get a triple looking thing as a bonus (or distance it to make it match the other parts).
  4. 00:34:970 (1,2) - I think I disagree with this placement.
    00:35:214 (2) - this should have the biggest jump with the sounds you're mapping, and this 00:34:970 (1) - should have very little. the nc on this is for the new part, but it doesn't have the same sound, so the big jump I think is unjustified. I switched locations on 1 and 2, this might be a bit worse leading into the next part, soo..
  5. 00:56:517 (2) - ctrl + g and move up (to make the 00:56:322 (1,2) - better) , to make it hit 00:56:713 (1) - more natural.
  6. 00:59:644 (2) - how about ctrl+g this
  7. 01:09:514 (2) - nc
  8. 01:21:729 (1,1,1) - this feels random to me when looking at the way you've mapped it everywhere else
  9. 01:24:660 (2) - if you decided to ctrl g the one above
  10. 01:34:530 (2) - nc
  11. 01:40:686 (1,1) - same as above (nc consistency also)
  12. 01:46:745 (1,2,3,1) - I think you should change this to make the movement the same as the previous

Really nice song!!
REALLY good map
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