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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Tuesday, August 09, 2011 at 4:19:30 AM

Artist: Origa
Title: Polyushko-Pole
Tags: russian dkun
BPM: 140
Filesize: 7054kb
Play Time: 03:10
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (2.41 stars, 175 notes)
  2. koonsane (4.83 stars, 339 notes)
  3. Normal (3.51 stars, 213 notes)

Download: Origa - Polyushko-Pole
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Thanks to dkun for his guest difficulty! :D

Also thanks to lanttu for her skin, ztrot for his timing and wisdom, Charles445, and I_Tatsuo_I! <3

Renamed [Normal+] to [Normal].
Applied Charles445's mods to [Easy] and [Normal].
Removed .osb and the extra background from [koonsane] so as to not cause confusion.
Put in "russian" to tags from Aleks719 and took off "dkun" from Easy and Normal and left it only on koonsane.
Also set the same preview points and set tick rate 2 for all difficulties as per SapphireGhost's mod.

Updated [koonsane] with dkun's changes after applying Charles445 and SapphireGhost's mods.
Put in spinner background image.

Set offset to a more pretty-looking number of 1466 as per request of ztrot.

Applied James2250's mods and full submitted because I changed the artist name to be Origa instead of ORIGA. Title still shows all caps however. :D
Also changed up the 100/100k and 300/300k/300g images.
the only problem i see is you have a difficulty by dkun....... jk jk lol

Glad I could help also this is pretty solid, you worked on it so much before submitting it tho so it makes sense, also this is probly the best koondiff ever. No I mean it, not sure if I can get kudos for helping you so log ago but meh it matters not.
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ztrot wrote:

Glad I could help also this is pretty solid, you worked on it so much before submitting it tho so it makes sense, also this is probly the best koondiff ever. No I mean it, not sure if I can get kudos for helping you so log ago but meh it matters not.
Gave you kudos because you helped a great deal and essentially gave me the push I needed to complete this map. :D

ztrot wrote:

also this is probly the best koondiff ever.
Starring this, looking later, tater.
i like this map!
Wow x)
Add "russian" to the tags, because it's Russian language~
I could mod it later, if you want

Aleks719 wrote:

Wow x)
Add "russian" to the tags, because it's Russian language~
Don't do it
Ok, do it


Why does Easy have the same slider velocity as Normal?
Set a preview point for all difficulties!

Spacing is very tough for an easy. Might want to put the notes closer together.
Some of the combos get very large. You might want to add more new combos.
01:09:180 (5,6,7) - Don't stack all of these
01:55:037 (2) - This slider is almost hidden by the previous slider. Make it not hidden.
01:55:037 (2) - New combo
03:10:037 (10) - ^^

Rename this to Normal
Gets pretty darn hard half way through. Might make beginner players cry
00:29:752 (2,3) - Spacing?
00:32:323 (2,4) - Make these symmetrical like this
00:35:323 (1) - Move 1 grid up
00:37:895 (1) - Move 1 grid down
00:38:323 (2) - Move 1 grid left
00:38:966 (5) - Move 1 grid right
00:45:609 (1) - Move 2 grids up
00:45:823 (2) - Move 1 grid up
01:05:323 - Remove clap
01:05:752 - Add clap
01:07:466 (2) - Move 1 or 2 grids up
01:20:323 to 01:23:752 - Make the hitsounds 40% here, they're too quiet!
01:35:537 (5) - Move 1 grid down
01:40:895 (1) - Move 1 grid left
01:42:609 (2) - Move 1 grid right
02:20:752 - Remove new combo, also might want to snap it to the grid.
02:24:180 - Remove new combo
03:09:180 (5,6) - Flip vertically and Move 9 grids down
03:09:609 - Remove finish
03:10:037 - Add a hitcircle with a finish on it

The two breaks are out of place and far too long. make the breaks like the other difficulties.
Redo the hitsounding on this difficulty. Lots of random finishes sounds very bad. Hitsound it like the other difficulties.
00:30:180 (6) - This slider doesn't fit the beat
00:37:895 - Remove new combo
00:39:180 - New combo
00:39:823 - Remove new combo
00:39:180 (1) - Move this 1 grid down
00:49:466 - New combo
01:04:466 (6) - Fix the symmetry
01:06:609 - New combo
01:07:895 - Remove new combo
01:10:680 - New combo
01:26:752 (12) - Move this 4 grids down
01:32:966 - Remove new combo
01:34:037 - New combo
01:37:466 (3) - Move 1 grid down
02:04:680 - New combo
02:05:109 (2,3,4,5) - This antijump followed by a stream is extremely unexpected and hard to read. Redo this part.
02:08:966 - New combo
02:21:609 - Unrankable: If the player deletes the custom skin, the reverse is hidden.
02:23:484 - Remove new combo
02:25:466 (13) - Move 1 grid up
02:46:895 - Remove new combo
03:06:609 (1) - Make this spinner end at 03:10:037
This mod may or may not accidentally cover some of the same things Charles445 suggested.

- The background for [koonsane] has already been used for a different beatmap, so I would advise changing it if possible.
- Optionally delete the unused .osb file and Full Submit.
- I don't know why dkun is in tags. If he made [koonsane] then I would put his name in the difficulty. If not then I would take him out of tags (when people search for a user's name, they usually only want maps that that user has created) and put the username of the person who made the difficulty in tags for all difficulties. Actually, I just don't know what's going on.
- Please have all difficulties end at the same time, which would be most easily done by removing (10) from [Easy] but I'd like to see the other difficulties extended one beat.
- I highly advise using Tick Rate 2 on all difficulties for consistency reasons.

01:55:037 (2) - The way this is put under (3) is quite awkwardly, you should probably move it somewhere else.
01:58:037 (1,2,3) - I would advise making (1) symmetrical (move the red point 1 grid up) and making (3) blanket (1) better.
02:25:895 - Possibly drag the break to this point?

00:46:037 (3,4) - Make these symmetrical.

AR - 1? Approach Rate 8 seems fast for this song.
00:48:609 (9) - I would put a New Combo here, 17 is too long.
02:25:895 - As with [Easy], possibly drag the break to this point?

Ah well, have a star.
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