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So when we speak about tablets we hear a lot about either hovering or dragging. However, what we don't hear much is mixing both depending on what you do.
Let me explain :
When I play I drag on sliders and streams, and I hover on spinners and on jumps, putting the pen back on the tablet when I'm on the circle I want to click (But tapping the pen on the note doesn't click it, clicks are disabled and I click the notes with the keyboard).
What I do on jumps mean that I hover to the note, tap the pen on it and click the note with the keyboard then hover again till next note until the jump pattern is done. If there is a jump followed by a stream/slider I'll hover from the previous note to the one starting the stream/slider then i'll tap it and drag the stream/slider.
If there is two stream/sliders kinda far apart, then I'll drag the first one, hover to go on the start of the second one, and drag again.

I just wonder, is this a common way of playing ? I don't think I've already seen people saying that they mix dragging and hovering depending on what the maps makes them do. I don't plan on changing the way I'm playing, I'm just curious if other people are playing like that.
I do that too, probably a mix of drag and hover, allowing for a more restrained yet controlled movement during dragging, and allowing faster speeds for jumps while providing aim accuracy when the pen lands on the surface as you hit the circle.

For me, it's optimal and convenient at the same time, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to preference.

Just a little problem about this one: I used to hit the pen tip quite forcefully on the surface when I land on every jump, and it brought occasional problems to my pen. Sometimes it becomes "sticky", that it still registers pressure for a short while after I lift the pen. So, please be careful when continuing on such playstyle.
for me I'd say that it's uncommon but I don't really now I just never saw this style before :')
I find that I alway hover unless I am doing a spinner
wow that is a interesting mix ... and difficult to get used to if you haven't been playing it since the beginning like that.
i dont think thats even weird or anything, i know quite a bit of people who do it, including my friend rohulk (who is rather high rank). i think its just not a common playstyle due to it being less consistent than just sticking to doing one thing
EDIT: goddammit wrote that wrong
Always drag on spinners, sometimes drag on streams and slow sliders, otherwise hover.
Tablet/Mouse clicks are disabled
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