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I play the recorder, the piano thing that you blow, the actual piano, a teeny bit of bass, and the drum

do you like sports? whats your favourite
favorite volleyball and soccer

how often do you exercise?
Arctos Sagittario
I had a 4 times per week schedule a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s pretty much in a stall. So basically no exercise other than waking, climbing stairs, driving.

Around once each three days... but this last week I seem to have been forgotten. I will try again "Tomorrow"(TM)

every day,,, my parents force me lol

what are your thoughts on vsrgs
wtf is a vrsrgs

what's a vsrgrgs
idk how should i know

do you know whats a vsrgssg

NotRaffi wrote:

wtf is a vrsrgs

what's a vsrgrgs
VSRG is the term that's used for games like DDR, Quaver, Stepmania, and a few others. It's an acronym for "Vertically Scrolling Rhythm Game", just in case you were wondering, Raffi.
no question ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

how frequent do you browse the OT forums?
I do this like every 10 minutes because im that bored

I only go to the forum games, probably like every 10 minutes

same question
Basically every day I can connect to the internet.

Phone brand you like the most?
Apple since it’s just what I started out with as a kid.

Favorite breakfast meal?
Waffle with maple syrup / regular fried rice

Pho with beef

Sandwiches. Noodles aren't bad too.


What is that one thing you do for curiosity/learning as a kid?
Rubik's cube, stopped playing with it once I learned how to solve it under 30secs(now idk how to solve it that fast anymore).

How did you achieve your top play?
Joon Yorigami

what's your greatest feat in something(sports, games, etc)?
I'm extremely good at drinking milk quickly and that's it

I'd say 100%ing an 4,xx* osu!-map despite having some heavy swell shaking our vessel.

Do you consider Hawaiian pizza as something heretic?
Hawaiian pizza is delicious.

do you like the band KISS?
Sorry, I don't know them much.


Have you ever experience as a kid when you suddenly woke up on a bed when you knew you were not there before?

I asked. Yes.


Do you enjoy participating in any threads in Forum Games?
Idk I'm new around these parts, but this seems cool.

Do you have a favorite type of pasta?
Depends on what are you eating pasta with, but spinach pasta is usually my favorite if talking about ingredients, but if talking about shapes, lasagna.

How picky are you about food?
not much
for the guy below me,what is liechtensteins?
A little country between Switzerland and Austria. IIRC you can rent it for 50.000€/night.

What does it smell in there?
it smells like rubber bands


is there anything you miss doing in life?
I miss being out and about freely.
And being in the campus for several hours with the bois, but they most left and I haven't seen most of them like one month before covid hit ;w;

I'm going to miss experiencing my free period activity in school. When teachers were not around, the class became wild. But eventually, we were just a bit busy doing work, little bit of chit chat here and there. Still going to miss it.


What are you looking forward to?
Getting out of college, but I'm still scared of the real world.

JustABeginner wrote:

What are you looking forward to?
Prepare myself mentally for 2022. Probably working again and being... hella busy.

How did you do in your 2021 year goals?
i don't really remember having any...

but i suppose this hasn't been the worst year. i've developed pretty poorly though, and have some issues connecting with reality, so i've grown incredibly isolated lately. most of life is spent imagining something in my fictional universe, working on those universe-related projects, and generally just observing humanity from a distance.

productive output is indefensibly pathetic, but i did get to develop some characters and have some potential concepts to explore, so my creative output is salvageable.

probably wouldn't be precise to say i'm doing okay. i have a lot of inertia/motivation-related vices to work myself out of to actually have some kind of life that isn't imaginary or quietly spent online.

- - -

Results were not as good as expected but at least I tried, and going to keep working on these goals.

So basically my goals for 2022 are the same as 2021 but harder. Reach N3 in Japanese and B2 in French doesn't seem hard...

Soit qu'il soit, j'ai au moins achevé un niveau intermédiaire de français. Mais il faut que moi, je travaille beaucoup plus mon japonais et mes habilités de dessin; peut-être je pourrai apprendre quelque chose de nouveau l'année prochain.

J'ai vraiment du mal à écrire le français pour t'être honnêt. Ça va aller mieux si j'en practice beaucoup.

i was supposed to have goals???

My Japanese and French did improve decently, results of me reading more often (Light Novels + Visual novel lmao what a weeb for Japanese, and translated mangas/literature for French)

However academically wise I am losing faith... what I am studying right now appears to not be what I want to do in life... but sadly what I want to do in life is not very sustainable (i.e. music) and I gave up an opportunity 2 years ago when dropping my music lessons... guess music will never be my career, but I will always love it. Furthermore, people around me don't support it, as they always say "use your brain on something else than music, it is more realiable source of income", and stuff.

"Leave osu and be productive", I said a year ago. That didnt work out.

... wait Eblf our goals are unnervingly similar, I am doing B2 this year too.


SQ (this is a nice question)
My goal was getting better at osu!, and i definately succeeded.

SQ please.
Be self dependent on money. Which didn't work yet because family don't promote part time job here
My another goal was to get decent pc which i succeeded and now i can play valorant



Stupidest question anyone asked you
I managed to graduate and get decent result. Currently on pre-U and managed to help Zel ranked our very first ranked beatmap - his goal too.


Let's not do the SQ again for now.
Who is the one person or a few whom you appreciate this year?
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