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My childhood was pretty unventfull. Back when I was in primary school, I remember being very dumb and I truly hate how I used to be. In this time I would try to get friend and try to conform to other's people taste to get any. I only really had one close friend who I knew from childhood, as well as two other friend whom I met up with less often.

Then I moved from my small town to the big city of Quebec. At my new school I still tried to find friend and I managed to get into a group of friend, but later in the year I caused an event that made me loose all of my friend. After that I have never had any close relationship and gradually lost interest in getting relationship up until I didn't want any anymore. My school grade were also very bad back then, I only barely passed in every category, which is extremely bad for primary school, where it is very easy fo succeed.

A new chapter opened in my life when I entered secondary school and was able to reset to zero. There I was put in a class for people who didn't have good grade aka a dumb kids class since my grade in primary school were so terrible. My grade went up dramatically after that, probably because in that time all I ever did was school and watching video on youtube, I didn't have any friend and didn't try to find any. There was a small group of people whom I often met but we weren't really close friend. We just met up at lunch time.

Then came my third year of secondary school. I had also switched school at that time because my previous school only supported the two first year of secondary school. In this school I was put back in a normal class since my grade had improved. At this school, I decided to join a team of robotics where as a team, we must build a robot that can compete in a game. This was the single best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life.

At that point I changed a lot. In the first year of robotics I didn't do much, if at all but on the second year is where my life changed. I decided to join the programming team of robotics, since I wasn't really good at building and I thought it might be cool to learn what programming was. I also met up with a lot of people who watched anime. They told me to watch anime and I did, anime later became on of the greatest learning experience I ever got so the fact that I decided to start watching it frmo the robotics team just adds to its value. In robotics I ahve learned how to socialise, I get interested in programming, I discovered anime. It was the greatest thing that happened to me.

At the same time as my fourth year of secondary school (aka second year of robotics). I kinda got fed up with french and decided to only use my computer in english from that point on. That also changed me a lot. Not only did I become proficient in english, but that fact also got me closer to the internet culture. Above all, being close to the internet culture introduced me to nightcore music. Before, I thought that music was cringy and didn't listen to it, I remnant of the time where I would try to get friend by adapting my taste to theirs. But since I was now in a very intimate situation, I felt happy to try out music for the very first time. Nightcore was what introduced me to both music as a whle but also anime (I was already interested in anime before my friend told me about it, they just kinda guided me into the medium). I ahve now moved on from nightcore music, only listening to my old nightcore which I still like from that time, but the impact they had on me was massive.

This summer was also very important to me. It's where I coded my first proper project, it's when I realised that anime had actually taught me life lesson, it's where I left my first job after 3 years of working there, it's where I was first truly hearthborken and it's where I finally will start to learn an instrument.


I got necro'd. To answer AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH's question, no I have nver lived in a dorm

Pentaqola wrote:

how was your childhood?
Very uneventful until elementary school. I liked the time in school, until I started getting bullied. I spent most of my time on YouTube during its early years and had a fairly popular Pokémon Diamond walkthrough channel, lol. I don't remember many details about my childhood. As I said, it was pretty uneventful. Never had a dad and my mom never wanted to do anything fun. She was just strict, but in a wrong way. Spent all my time outdoors alone with my headphones on, as I wasn't even allowed to use the computer for more than an hour per day until I finally got my own laptop. That's about it.

What would your death row last meal be like?
the same frozen burritos i've heated up from the store, preferably the El Monterey brand.

a tub of vanilla ice cream.

a box of Bacon flavored Ritz crackers.

a bag of Carmen's, a fairly obscure brand of wheat chips,

and a bag of Doritos Dinamita chips.

that's about it.

I'd eat as much of it as I'd be comfortable with.

I can't do much of anything in that situation, so nothing i do there really has much of an impact, so the foods up there are about as ambitious as i'd get, as i like them quite a bit.


- - -

A bag of habanero chips, a big cup of raspberries and blueberries, sachertorte, a Neapolitan style pizza & fried softshell crab with country style fries. With food I'd drink milk and after the meal I'd have an energy drink, wouldn't want to fall asleep while being executed.

same q
Pringles original

Dont really know, but probably a tons of fast food. I’ve always restricted myself from eating them, even though they are pretty good so before death comes, I’d probably break the rule and satisfy myself

kebab pizza

Feels weird, if I have to eat before dying.
I'd rather skip the main dish and get to the sweet dessert. Some fruity ones, preferably (baker's cake).

What's one thing you've left aside for a long while, and still haven't touched it even once/made any progress on it?
Pretty much everything. I have zero motivation.

basically all of my plans to make 7* or 8* maps, because I'm lazy/don't have enough time recently due to school

same question
Many of my map projects. Either I'm too lazy or I lose motivation

What do you enjoy the most about school?
The reason why I like school is because exam to me feel like challenge to overcome. The teacher hands you over the resources you need and you need to use your mind to beat the challenge. I am a pretty competitive person but there is almost nothing I can compete in with just my ability to quickly learn new concept. To me school feels like a competition and since I have never had an hobby, it never felt like it was eating away at anything so I was fully commited to it.

Now that I am about to start playing the euphonium my view might change, I am actually pretty stressed about going to university, I am not sure if I am gonna be able to handle it.

Getting to study something I'm legitimately interested in, making friends and getting to know future colleagues, learning new languages and just in general having something to do other than a minimum wage job.

same q
I only seem to enjoy the learning process. I don't really find myself comfortable around other people, and I always prefer to work alone. I tried making friends in elementary school, but I was never good with girls. When I entered a boys' high school, I decided to give up on socializing entirely.

What sort of things do you keep from your childhood? Physical objects, memories and experiences, etc.
[ lexio ]
I keep my old toys from my past, I don't even play with them. (why should I?)

Do you like the Triangles intro in osu!lazer or Circles better?
Never tried either.

What instrument would you like to learn to play?
I have been pretty vocal about it. It's obviously the euphonium. I have already ordered it and I should be getting it on monday.

guitar,would love to be able to play like thr guitarist in undead corporation

same question
The saxophone or the transverse flute.

same q
I'd love to learn drums or singing! And to get motivated to play the guitar again.

Do you ever think about questions we don't know the answer to (such as where our morality came from, or how we came to exist)?
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