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I'm pretty ignorant in philosophy so I don't know any of this stuff lmao

How do you view yourself now compared to 5 years ago?
I Don't think i am change,still an introvert kid who had trouble talking to new people.i mean i want to change,but its quite hard
Same question
my view to myself compared to 5 years ago feels like a whole different story... i view myself as a main character... see myself on top of everyone else, perfect... i view myself as the perfect human, the best... my ego is so horrifying i would say anything even though it would hurt people so badly... that was who i was back then... and that was the final year that personality of mine is extremely visible, yeah it went on throughout my young days.

my view to myself now is a huge change compared to the past, yes i still see myself above people sometimes, but its not that extreme. that is because my ego went down so quickly, in just a few months after going to a different country, my ego dropped so hard that it even got my social skills with it. that caused my view of myself to change, i now see myself as a someone... nothing special... sometimes even lower than that... i don't want to achieve what my past self wanted, perfection... its impossible...

i'm just glad i didn't find this place when my ego was high... i would've been a nightmare to deal with...

same question
I view myself extremely differently. 5 years ago I didn't do anything at all with my life, I wasn't practicing any activities, meeting up with people or even consuming art. All I did was mindlessly watch youtube video, and not valuable entertainement, really just dumb video with no value other than immediate self satisfaction.

I personally consider myself to have been born 4 years ago, as that was the time where I finally started to do something with my life.

This question may be more interesting to answer in another 5 years. I've already changed massively in just those 4 years and I see no reason why I would stop changing and improving myself.

I don't even know myself from 5 years ago. Being thrown out of home 4 years ago was when the current me was born. I eventually became more functional, graduated from high school a couple months later and got my first jobs and such. Started releasing some music I'm still happy with, I guess I started being, you know, decent at it. Got together with my girlfriend half a year later and moved together with her another half a year later. Stuff that I had never had any experience with before. Growing up might be scary to some, but for me, it saved my life. I didn't have to live with an unstable mom anymore or sleep on a friend's floor for too long.

same q
"17", so when I was goofing around when I should have cared about my high school graduation coming next year...
I guess I was an idiot at that point. Easy to say.
That wasn't a proper answer, now that I read the question.
But given what I said, it's obvious I can say "better than this boy".

What's a joke (or a "meme", but not a prank) you enjoy?
(I'm not asking the type of humor, but an actual joke you've read/heard from anywhere. Like these.)
"What did the Spanish guy say to the other Spanish guy?"
"I don't know, I don't speak Spanish"

Same question
My favorite meme format is the brain expansion meme. There are a few other meme format I really like but the brain expension really is king.

I also like joke that portray the dumbest of things as the supperior way of doing things.

John Cena, back when it was a fresh and new thing

anything dark or stupid really, especially if its includes kids

"I bought a circumcision -50% off. It was a rip off."

same q
Pork Chop Duo's jokes

Well, instead of editing the message, I'll just delete and get this thread up again Kak.

So here's a new question instead of me posting more Bokete stuff.

What's a song you think that is "overrated"? Like, "I don't understand what's so good in it to get [number] views, even after listening to it."
(Please don't make it because of your personal taste, of course '-')
This question is fundamentally flawed, enoying music is entirely based out of personal taste and personal experience. The term overrated only really means that your taste don't match the majority regarding that specific song.

I am gonna answer anyway based on personal taste.

In my case I'd say most of pop music isn't nearly as good as it's amount of popularity suggest, however that's kind of normal because pop music is made to apeal to a lot of people and thus it is good to a lot of people but great to almost no one, which is why it is extremely popular and also extremely looked down upon by anyone that cares about music.

DJ Enetro
This one is easy.

Kyary Anan by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

What's your favorite book that you've read? Manga/graphic novels don't count.
Anything by Asimov. I,Robot probably the most.

If you are a fan of rock/metal, what is your favourite guitarist? (My favourite is pretty obvious, just read my signature.)
Either Mick Mars or Brad Delson.


Have you had the urgency to know something was wrong and it was correct?
In other words, did you ever have a gut feeling that turned out to be true?
What Kyoto Animation announced about their donations was something I'd speculated; they're using it for compensation of the affected personnel rather than business recovery.

Describe the first close friend you made. Is he/she still relevant to your life?
My first close friend is a childhood friend that I met in daycare. The daycare I went to was just the house of an old lady and I don't remember her taking care of many other kid than myself and my childhood friend. He was my only friend for most of my childhood and has been my only close friend trhoughout my childhood until my parents decided we would leave our small town for a bigger city were both of my parents found better job opportunity.

At first, I tried to keep ties with him everytime we went back to my old town where my grandparents still lived but after a year our relationship kinda just faded. Internet wasn't as present back then and neither of us used it so we couldn't keep in contact. It's almost been a decade since I have last seen him so if I were to meet him again I am sure he would have become a completely different person, after all, we weren't even 10 when I left the town.

Did you grow up in a small town or a large city (or anything in between)
I've primarily lived in what's been probably the most crime-ridden ghetto area of the greater local region.

So, gunshots, sirens, fights, car crashes, were all pretty commonplace and easy to see at some point every month or so.

Luckily, we only got burglarized, and though a fair amount of value was stolen (including my precious PS2 that i cried over in the car), we got things back together in due time.

Still, life was pretty rough.

- - -

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