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waah now i have to answer this because im spamming for no reason what am i doing with myself

ot: another country i'd like to visit is tonga/polynesia
cause native tongue am i right
q: do you microwave your food without the cover or with it to ventilate the heat?
cover sometimes not cover

what happen if i necropost something from 3month+?/is it ok if i necropost something from 3month+?
bump a dead post? sure, but most of the time it's going to get locked if it's still dead after your post. but man, necroposting, that's the first thing i did. accidentally. what am i doing?

what do you celebrate for winter break (i.e christmas, hannukah, etc. [im sorry])?
Brisk Clarity
If you can somehow bring something new to the thread/get a conversation going in the thread before mods get to it, sure! So, you can't just respond to the OP as though this is a normal post, you could reformulate the OP's original concept maybe, or bring up something that could stand on its own legs as a topic. The point is, if you can start a conversation back up with whatever you post, it should be okay?

Alright, my question:

Would you rather be a Colossal Fossil, a Gigantic Titanic, or a Lube Cube?
[ Pingu ]
colossal fossil i guess? tf

would you rather be a big titty cat anime girl or an alien froggo
Second. Not that embarrasing at least.

hime hime or haitai?
am i real?

A phrase that something you want a junior girl/boy to tell you after club activities
"What you wanna do later?"

same q
"you wanna come over?"

same q
"i'm lonely"
same q
I don't understand the question, sorry.

I just came here to stop the loop. Do you approve of my actions?

Puzzle wrote:

Would you rather take a guaranteed 10,000$ or a million dollars that has a 50% chance to kill someone you know?
[ Pingu ]
10,000$, mainly because if i lost a family member my mental health would be in the gutter.

would you kill a bunny with a shotgun for $2000 ?
heck yeah.
(wait was that the right answer?)

What's better, Christmas or new years?
Christmas, since new year is a day like any other for me.

What are your favorite weather conditions?
cause then i either fall asleep easier or feel more relaxed.

same q

Most embarrassing moment of your childhood?
don't wanna tell you :>
but all the embarrassing moment of my childhood converted to funny moment when i think about it now

your favorite animal ?
corgi and parakeet except they have to come as a package
big dog small baby is also v v cute

idk uhhh say something that would make me want to be ur friend hah? (question mark to make it a question)
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