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Top 10 Irish osu!Standard players of 2016

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M a t t y

Hey everybody,

2016 has come to an end, and thus we are going to be holding a vote for the top 10 Irish osu!standard players of 2016.
The procedure for voting will be as follows;
You simply write the 10 players you are voting for in the order you choose.

Here's an example voting format (from 1st to 10th, in your opinion):

1. <player name>
2. <player name>
3. <player name>
4. <player name>
5. <player name>
6. <player name>
7. <player name>
8. <player name>
9. <player name>
10. <player name>

You can also add comments as to why you are voting for each player, for example:
2: <player name> - Has amazing hit accuracy, etc.
It is completely your choice whether you do this or not though.
Pretty self-explanatory, the players have to play Standard, and have to have the Irish profile flag (the last point is important).
However this does not mean you are required to be Irish to vote, players from all regions are welcome to participate.
You can also put in honorable mentions, if you think other people stood out during the year, but didn't quite meet the top 10 mark.

We will be making a video showcasing the top voted players shortly after the results are collected so look forward to that :)
Happy Voting!!!
1. Dookie (sorry Aernat) \:D/
2. Aernat (nice acc m8)
3. Kujinn
4. GeeSsang
5. Swishi
6. Matty (can pass insane maps teach me senpai)
7. Wackobacko
8. Pedro
9. Robert
10. Demon
1.Demon - Amazing ♥
2.[Robert] - Dad ♥
3.M a t t y - Fast aim
5.GeeSsang - It's lit
5.Dookie - Really good streams
6.Aernat - Good HR
7.Tripp - Halo cosplay
8.Wackobako - EZ mod
9.Kujinn - 100% Acc
10.Rideem - Died and came back to life.
D u c K y
1. M a t t y ( has had the most improvement )
2. Aernat
3. GeeSsang
4. Swishi ( hidden god, probably because he cant read nomod x) )
5. wackobako
6. Mezy

im too lazy to vote for 10
1. Aernat (He's my senpai)
2. Dookie (Used to be my senpai)
3. Kujinn (Filthy DT farmer)
4. M a t t y (Please nobully)
5. Wackobacko (Because why not)
6. GeeSsang (Who?)
7. Pedro (Until this day, I was always trying to snipe your scores)
8. UpsilonV2 (I'm only at 3.5k Aernat-senpai]
9. Demon (Teach me mania please)
10. Swishi (Who again?)
Topic Starter
M a t t y
I should probably make one of these myself

1. Dookie - All-round god, pretty much the best at everything except maybe hidden and easymod (which respectively go to swishi and wackobako)

2. GeeSsang - Consistency god

3. Aernat - Acc god

4. Kujinn - Good dt player (pls learn to acc better :^) )

5. Swishi - Proving that hidden can everything

6. Wackobako - Inhuman reading ability

7. Demon - That aim tho

8. PedroYH

9. [ Robert ]

10. Goosie
1. M a t t y
2. Dookie
3. Geessang
4. Swishi
5. wackobako
6. Mezy
7. Everek
8. Demon
9. [ Robert ]
10. Pedro yH
99. me
1. Kyouran (I can still count him right?)

1. GeesSang (og still op)
2. Swishi (HD only how?)
3. Demon (offline plays are insane)
4. Wackobako (EZ how?)
5. Dookie
6. Aernat
7. Kotomi
7. Pedro yH
8. M a t t y
9. Mezy
10. Kujinn (cuz y not)

Honorable Mentions:
[ Robert ]

my votes don't count ~
1. Dookie (always will be #1 to me)
2. M a t t y (probably the fastest standard improvement I've seen)
3. GeeSsang (fuck your chocobo score)
4. Aernat (Accnat)
5. Goosie (one of the god OGs)
6. Swishi (the HD reads are insane)
7. [ Robert ] (alternating god, also insane jumps)
8. Kujinn (is feirmeoir salach é)
9. Mezy (pretty good at streams)
10. Demon (momo)

1. Aernat
2. Dookie
3. M a t t y
5. wackobako
6. Mezy (gud streams)
7. JessDT (dt plzzz)
8. GeeSsang
9. [ Robert ]
10. Demon

50. Everek (gud player gud gatekeeper)
Reading this it looks like I better start playing again.

1. GeeSsang
2. Aernat
3. Dookie
4. Swishi
5. M a t t y
6. [ Robert ]
7. Kujinn
8. Wackobako
9. Pedro
10. Demon
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