May Sunday Battles STD 2v2 0-3400pp [CONCLUDED]

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Shino Inuzuka

Host: Shino Inuzuka
Manager: oralekin
LanJay: LanJay
Referees: [ Yukino ], [- Mizki -], Akati, Akkelobster, Akunin, BaziuuX, CatBM, Deadpulse, Espalza, imVeo, Kaeldori, KuraresaCupcake, Mausha, oralekin, RebOOTing, Toaster Chan, Xeious
Mappool Selectors: Akunin, BaziuuX, Shino Inuzuka, Toaster Chan
Dates: May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, May 28th
Times (UTC+0): 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, 18:00
Style: 2v2 Standard - Scorev2 for FINALS ONLY
Qualifiers: Two qualifier rounds with one point for every song that each team wins. Teams with the most points at the end of week 2 will move on to semi-finals.
Scoring: All matches are Bo7.
Referee Instructions, Match Procedure and Additional Rules: ... sp=sharing
Schedules and Matchups : ... sp=sharing
Solo Registration Pairings: Check #announcements on Discord
Registrations Closed: April 18th
Streaming: This tournament will not be streamed for three reasons:
1. Too lazy to get streamers
2. No point since no one would be interested in a small tournament like this
3. Streaming causes lag for players with bad pcs that can't handle spectators

You may register alone, but you will be paired with another soloist. If you do, I will assign you the soloist role and you can find a partner at #partnering on the discord. If you do not find a partner by registration ends, then you will be randomly assigned a partner.

Release Dates: May 1st, May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd
Bans: 2 per pair
Maps: 26 maps per division, 5 per mod (Free Mods, No Mods, Hidden, Hard Rock, Double Time)+1 tiebreaker

Division 1 -0-1600pp- : 3-4.25* FULL
Division 2 -1601-2400pp- : 3.75*-4.99* FULL
Division 3 -2401-3400pp- : 4.75*-5.99* FULL

You will not be moved divisions if you gain pp unless you request it before registrations end.

Division 1 -0-1600pp- : 1 month of supporter per player
Division 2 -1601-2400pp- : 1 month of supporter per player
Division 3 -2401-3400pp- : 1 month supporter per player
You may hand off your prize to your partner if you wish, but only your partner.

Player Applications:
Maximum: 32 entrants (16 pairs) per division

Division 1: 32/32 FULL , Division 2: 32/32 FULL, Division 3: 32/32 FULL
Application Link: CLOSED

After applying, join the discord and I will give you the Player role and role for your division, and the Soloist role if you sign up solo.
Mappool Selector Applications:
Maximum: 3/3 entrants (one per division)
Application Link: CLOSED

Referees Applications:
Application Link: CLOSED

Please do not apply for both. If you do, you will be treated as a referee.

Server Link:
More updates will be posted here.
Please change your discord nickname on this server to your osu! username.
If you decide to quit the tournament, pm me or tag me on #main_chat, #help, or #move_requests and leave the server.
If you aren't in this server five days after registering, your application will be ignored and removed.
If you enter the server and do not register within five days, you will be booted.
Additional rules are pinned on #main_chat on the server.

Division 1: Nekomata Twins - Eclipse - Rini90
Division 2: Toowers Aiai25 imway2OP
Division 3: Chino Army -ZackFair jepsh
Why this far?

'' May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, May 28th''
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Shino Inuzuka

Neizers wrote:

Why this far?
'' May 7th, May 14th, May 21st, May 28th''
I'm not sure. animedude wanted me to post it this early, maybe to get more people during this time?
Imagine Blaze
Would have been more than glad to join if you posted 10 days earlier ;3; when I was still under 1.6k pp welp too bad for me XD
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Shino Inuzuka

Imagine Blaze wrote:

Would have been more than glad to join if you posted 10 days earlier ;3; when I was still under 1.6k pp welp too bad for me XD
Sorry! Well there 's 5 months before anyways, you would get over \2000pp by then. You can always be a refferee
Okay, and can we choose a partner by this topic?
Do you want to be with me Neizers I'm alone xD ?
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