I permanently ruined my osu! skills.

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I can't really play osu! right anymore and it's killing me.

A couple days ago I challenged myself to do Big Black with Autopilot. I know you pro players are cringing right now, but I can only manage 3-3.99 star maps because I've only been playing for about 3 months. So, when I first tried to, I got a really low score, which encouraged me to try again and again until I got something other than a D.
But now I'm not able to get higher than a D, because one time when I was playing, my wrist gave out on me. I know, that's pretty pathetic, but this is serious. I can't tap on time anymore, yet I can still read beatmaps perfectly fine. Plus I'm not used to moving my mouse anymore ever since I played so long with autopilot. I don't wanna just play with relax all the time now. I want to actually play the game like i'm supposed to...

But now I can't.

It sucks that I'm gonna have to take up so much time practicing and recovering now, and the fact that this is an odd and uncommon situation doesn't help either.

I guess this goes to show I'm more of a noob than I thought I was lol
sorry for the horrible grammar im very lazy today
Sandy Hoey
Can't play 4 star yet --> Tries to play Big Black


Maybe just go play stuff at your level, you will continue to ruin your experience if you do stuff like that

cffee wrote:

I can only manage to just pass mid-low 3 star maps
increase the frequency at which you play the game
Stop crying and play more.
Wanna get better? Play more. That's the advice.
Give your hands a break and dont ever play maps that are that majorly out of your league <3
zen zen
Yeah, play more; but, play smart.

You wouldn't go to the gym for the first time and start lifting 350 lbs just because you have some assistance.

Work your way up, don't push your body until it gives out.
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Don't even know why I posted this article... the answer was so fucking simple lol.

as kyol said:

Kyol wrote:

Yeah, play more; but, play smart.
I'm an idiot. Woops.
*Play for fun, not for pp.
*Play to gain skill, no pp.
*Keep playing for fun.
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