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But really what's stopping him from actually getting a song in Taiko like we don't already have 13

Just a note from Asian FB that ShinyKF will be coming in tomorrow.
Now you're gonna wonder how long a lag the transition will have for the Asians
And I'm perfectly fine with that
Let's face it,Scripted Connection is one of his best works
Damn Tokaigi is draining. Tomorrow is PuyoQuest's turn

Also tomorrow 15:15 - 16:45 has a little more Taiko no Tatsujin action (mostly Nico personalities battling) if you like that sort of things
Day 2 Namco:

This shit is difficult O<<
Puyo Day deshou?

Authentics ahoy:
Jikuuchou Sousa 2-ka
Yokai Watch 2 BGM Medley
crystalsuicune ... .html#more

Livestream recaps and stuff,nothing much else

And now sleep time for me
>Otemoyan sayonara


EDIT: 2nd post: 3DS2 DLC, the full money grabbing mode
2/5 Switch On 2/12 Chocolate Disco 2/19 Tank! 2/26 Hare Hare Yukai
^ Too bad you have to buy each song separately... heh, at least we have Taiko themes for the 3DS now.

Anyway, should I finish your TT drafts for today's blog entries or you're doing them now? I't quite hard to ask things to you in real time... ^^"
新 Follow Me
新 Dragon Night / SEKAI NO OWARI
新 雪だるまつくろう / 「アナと雪の女王」より
新 初恋峠でゲラゲラポー / 「妖怪ウォッチ」より [x]
新 青春サツバツ論 / 「暗殺教室」より [x]
新 M.S.S.Planet / M.S.S Project feat.初音ミク・GUMI [x]
新 RAINMAKER / 新日本プロレス オカダ・カズチカ入場テーマ
新 色は匂へど 散りぬるを / 東方Projectアレンジ 幽閉サテライト [x]
新 幻想のサテライト / 東方Projectアレンジ 豚乙女 [x]
新 零の狂詩曲
^ New Zero song

I hope its Oni (or Ura Oni?) chart doesn't feel as a diet Taiko Time Ura yet again, haha
Regarding the forum:
Currently you'll see a 404 error message when you try to reach the forum.
It's because the host caught some strange behavior on my account and accused my account has been hacked. Thus they removed all my files and provided me with a backup of everything.

There are currently 3 forums and 2 blogs on that account, so it may not be Taiko Time that got hacked, something else may triggered the alarm.

I'm currently contacting the host to see what exactly happened. And since I got the forum files and the databases intact, after the hosting company declared the forum is safe, it will went back up shortly. (or if the forum has been really hacked, I'll update it while keep all the data.)

The problem is, should I? There are very few posts on the forum these days, and seems you're fine without it.

Forum cleared and recovered and is up-running.
tetsutaro ... t.html?m=1
Yay sleuthing leaks! Matsuribayashi de Geragerapo and Miracle Go! Princess PreCure
tetsutaro ... 7803661314

7☆ Follow Me / HatsukoiGerapo
8☆ Dragon Night (forked) / Satsubatsu / MSS (624) / IroNioedo / Rainmaker
9☆ GensouSate (611) / ZeroRhap (835)
Simulated Zero no Rhapsody

Also 49-hit 24ths in Dragon Night wwwwwwwww is canon now wwwwww
And Dragon Night's Oni video is a go! It's nice to see new branched-path songs after all this time.

tetsutaro ... 2xx_3.html
MATSURIBANASHI AAAAAAA Funny it butts in before Hatsukoitouge

Also resetting/freezing Cabinet Rankings, closing Dojo and School and ZeroRapu --> confirming Zero no Rhapsody
Just unlocked Alexander. Time to farm DonPoints or I won't get to see Gashadokuro before the heat death of the universe.

So is it better to play harder songs at lower diffs or moderately hard songs at Oni (eg. 7~8* Muzu vs 7~8* Oni)?
So we're having a NAMCO SOUNDS UStream in 2 days with the making of Rotter Tarmination and moar Audio Deka.

Any kind soul who knows Japanese can help us understanding what will they said?
tetsutaro ... er_13.html
I would save my livestream quota for this. Le Tombeau de No-plan wwwwww

And March 11... damn Asian ver is having its March tourney with the three songs and the Shinuchi and Shinuchi only Oni dept.
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