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I instead am hoping for a NO song by Tsugumi Kataoka...
I mean hell, the guy recently appeared on maimai, so why not Taiko, too? xD
It's that time again
taking MBY requests~

Coro wrote:

It's that time again
taking MBY requests~
Honestly I dunno which one,it's up to you

Jimmy Weckl pls thank you
^ oh yeah also THAT guy!
Wartan Troopers is fun and it's still criminal there's no long version of 2ND ADVENTURE xD
tetsutaro ... pvxxx.html
ERIN ERIN Tasukete Wispa!
Seriously though my Twitter feed is so full with SOTU I might have missed it and not know.

Also @Coro: I have a Let's Go On An Adventure I'll put later. Also Yusri have some Taikojiro

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leaving this here
One question though: What will happen if you not choose Etou Beam as the final ingredient?
Also Yozakura Ryouran Kanshasai
Hello guys! I'm a newcomer and would like to help out you guys if I could...
For now I was very fortunate to get necrofantasia which is mapped by taiko_mainac1811
You guys can use the link here to get it

And now to introduce myself...
I am Saitolai and I'm friends with Aquabluu for quite some time already...
I'm not a pro in taiko... training still in progress actually hahaha

Note:All difficulties available
Hi there! We might be swinging between Taiko stuff and random topics in this topic, but enjoy your stay.

Uh, and since I'm here ... .html#more
Taiko x Im@s Cinderella Girls collab brings to the next Kimidori update a couple of new songs from the Anime/game and a new category for the Kigurumi outfit system in form of dolls to be put next to the Taiko avatar. I wonder what's next xD
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Beating Boss Rush on Easy unlocks a Sound Test for listening to all the music in the Jikuu Daibouken
Beating it on Normal unlocks the Event Gallery
Haven't done on Hard but I think awakened Tikkun is there


wikihouse wrote:

サーバーの解析より、3DS2のDLCはSwitch On!(+裏)、Tank!(+裏)、ハレ晴レユカイ、SURPRISE‐DRIVE、チョコレイト・ディスコ、Highschool♡love、バクチ・ダンサー、卓球de脱臼


(the only time aqua is ever excited for a Kamen Rider song)
^ Hooray for sh*t Japanese listening. Apparently they meant *extra quests* ends at January. (Not that it is bad because this last one seems quite a doozy)

I wiped the Story Mode data to try and explore Nuzlocke possibilities, and need some time to build the progress back up. (Just completed Ch 3 again.)

Also re Etou: Is there difference for choosing Magic Powder (Etou's Kitchen joke) and Etou Beam (general Etou joke)?
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You just get a different line of text haha (I chose the magic powder)
So it's just a mash of inside jokes www

Back to Sacred Ruin Ura: so turns out that it was available to be voted in the iOS mega pack last spot (the one that Xa took) more or less implied that SR can have an Ura. i.e. If Sacred Ruin won that vote than Xa, this would have come out much earlier. ... 8%CC%CC%29
Watch out aqua- Normal boss rush unlocks Crystal Tikkun, Hard BR unlocks image gallery

@tetsu: we -tecnically- already had that Ura in form of PicoPico Ruins's Ura, so I don't bother (since I don't really consider iOs Taiko as a viable way to play ^^")

yes I still have this
Today is update day so it's kinda not necessary

EDIT: And yay I cleared the alt Timedine boss! Normal Boss Rush got a 9/10 score, losing most HP on Timedine 1 and then finished by Timedine 2
tetsutaro ... t_391.html
This should be the one that talks about the February DonChare

but f*ck this more imas CG stuff and leave that for the livestream
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Taiko Team breaking tradition? BLASPHEMY
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