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Hopefully yes ._.
It's original songs so it s-should be easier to arrange licensings and stuff r-right?



I waited this long for 76573 to become a reality ;_;
Well rights are a dick sometimes even when everything is of the best intentions (sorry last week came back)

EDIT: @Lok fixed a few sentences. I would like to see how they could strictly limit the new songs to registered contestants by person www
@tetsu My guess is that they asked to put in their Banapassport data with the subscription, or something like that. Today's blog entry has announced the 'not in the tourney, no songs for you' thing just today, so I think this is the more plausible thing. Not that is a drama at all- after all the 7 songs will be available for everyone after the tourney shenanigans!

(Oh, and thanks for the usual grammar fixes!)
I just hope that there's enough people playing to get data like how the charts look and sound like,any custom graphics,that sort of thing

Lokamp wrote:

Today's blog entry has announced the 'not in the tourney, no songs for you' thing just today, so I think this is the more plausible thing.
Well yes, but they are talking about on the level of arcade centers/cabinets only, not players.
So even if you are not playing the tourney, if you can find one such shops then you can play.

Again from an AOU perspective: This exclusivity is in place probably to boost business for AOU member shops: drawing otogamers to AOU shops because they have teh collab songs. If you also limit by players the effect is not significant

Namco Taiko Blog wrote:


The new One Night Carnival is awesome www

Video added to Lok's post
@Lok, aqua: So came across this
Are we going to retrospectively talk about this half a year late, or do we just dedicate a SotW or a Behind the Drums?

Man never gonna listen to Mahou no Kissaten the same ever

In happier news: Synchronica! Sounds like a bemani title but it's not.
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wow she composed the majority of Aihara's new songs, nice. Didn't know that :P
Probably a Behind the Drums is in order.

I'll talk about Synchronica in the blog for fun
>New rhythm game
You have my attention.

That said,alas I'm not familiar with the artists involved ._.

And just because
tetsutaro ... .html#more
Apude Apude Sapuraisu Apude

>Yamatai Night Party
wot lol

>IOSYS Aki no Nikushokusai 2014
what like Kani2?

It's IOSYS.If anything it's gonna be dempa as hell.

crystalsuicune ... _1124.html

New livestream and moar Toohoo stuff

Now sleepytime for me
tetsutaro ... _1124.html

Marisa and stuff
色は匂へど 散りぬるを Iro wa Nioedo Chirinuru wo / 東方Projectアレンジ 幽閉サテライト
Endless Seeker / 東方Projectアレンジ A-One
幻想のサテライト Gensou no Satellite / 東方Projectアレンジ 豚乙女
Help me, ERINNNNNN!! / 東方Projectアレンジ ビートまりお

Well personally I want Yureru Pleats lyrics more kthxbai
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omigod Erin

tetsutaro wrote:

幻想のサテライト Gensou no Satellite / 東方Projectアレンジ 豚乙女
yes plz
this is a good song
And now, courtesy of Bandai Namco itself, here's a demo video of Synchronica's gameplay:

>DLC (4)
>Little drum bro ask for Yawaraka Ura
>Masubuchi ask for 10-4 Ura
>Little drum bro ask for Jikuuchou Oni

Can I assume that there is no boss battle here?

>Change to Amakuchi to get through 10-4
>Senbonzakura Ura mkay
>Boss is Kessen Muzu

F*ck the boss battle is the easiest part god why (seriously though the HP is high so it's easy to draw here
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It's refreshing to have challenges for a change though, I like em (though using Onis and Ura Onis for everything ffff)

EDIT: Batch 2 from Rairin. Videos 7/11

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