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aquabluu wrote:

Taiko Trials V is now up

@aqua, tetsu

There is this pesky bug on the TT blog which allows only to see the latest post in the blog's main page. Can we do anything to revert the situation to the previous standard?
Whoops done.
The problem is the unlock list post is too long. Sorry :3
crystalsuicune ... 2385100800

Well guess what,Sacred Ruin is -not- a Tatsh song.
Go figure.
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@tetsu I think it would look neater if you separated the Taiko Points into their own column. Can you do that?

Also lazy song is lazy mapping: Oresama Pirates (in Ikasama Pirates) 8★ Oni
If Namco guys got lazy on this one, I don't see why you can't be lazy as well xD
But I am seeing another reason beyond lazy here:
Namco wanted to include Ikasama Pirates, but original set is crappy because designed for Wii3 minigame
Also Ura system only allows Oni and not KFM
And whole set revamp is not well justfied because Wii3 still kinda current
So Oresama
^ this makes the whole situation even more sad. The fact that Oresama exists is now almost-100% under-the-lines confirmed that Ikasama Pirates will be doomed to remain on Taiko Wii 3 forever, as Oresama would be picked in eventual future ports for the updated charting set.

Speaking of sad situations, I never expected to live enough to see the debut of an iconoclasm song that is 100% shit

Because vocaloid,right?
No, because they make sound Gumi's voice like total crap

I mean hell, Ninjinnin and Jinsei Reset Button are 100-times better than this

lolnope x2
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I'll just leave this here
@aqua: Repository of past Taiko Trials?

EDIT: At the packs page instead.
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wow I just realized I forgot what was in the first two packs lol

I remember TCC, Kamikaze, Soroban, Kurenai and Yozakura being part of the first pack, and some repeats from 1st pack plus Toccata, KSai and X-Day for second pack or something
Meh, just pick ten likely candidates and call it one Taiko Trials 1+2 Pack and done

Like what, Ura Ridge Racer? Taberuna? Fantasie Impromptu? Bumblebee?
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I remember ditching RR Ura for Kagekiyo Ura in TT3 lol tears, Taberuna and Impromptu should work. OH YEAH Rotter Ura and Ryougen, can't forget those.

also tetsu add my new friend code I just added yours today after a long hiatus cause I was lazy sorry :P

Lokamp wrote:

You've chosen valid candidates, Propeller Cap!
I'll just wait for Taiko 14 for new demonic challenges... and maybe replacing Hyakki Yakou with IN THE ZONE Punishment
(... I know it's already on Taiko Trials 2, but that song merits a bis :3)
lol Google search you are amazing.

And if that's not urgent I'll leave the adding later because yeah
Kind of weird that in comparison to my oldest posts I now text in there more closer to crystal's writing style... ^^"
Wait what

I have a writing style?
(well alright I know I throw around swear words like candy and keep forgetting to put a space after commas,but that's about it I think?)
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