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Hello. Just bought a Huion 420 tablet on Amazon, and after messing with the settings, I was having fun for about an hour. Accidently when going to put the tablet away I dropped the pen on the floor. Afraid I might have broke it I tried playing again, but now for some reason the tablet seems to be moving like a mouse rather than how the tablet is suppost to move by tapping where you want the cursor to go. Now I am forced to drag at a rather slow speed. I figured I activated some sort of "mouse mode," but I haven't been able to find it anywhere in the driver settings, and after restarting my computer and deleting + reinstalling the drivers I am at a loss. Any ideas?
I think this should go to help not General Discussion
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Well yeah I would have normally, but it's not really help related to the game itself. The tablet does this in and out of game now for some reason, so it's more of strictly a tablet problem. I would have posted it in Huion's forums, but they seem dead, and I figured someone may have had the same experience as me.
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