Until Weekend Hitsounding Queue STD - CLOSED

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Welcome! Witam! Willkommen! Bienvenue! 환영! ようこそ! 欢迎!

Before new year i can get a couple of maps hitsounded if anyone would like!

Even though my post count is low; I can still hitsound fairly well


- STD Only.

- One map/mapset per person please of course unless I like your others...

- First come first serve;
- I need to like the map, I prefer DnB/dubstep/electronic over TV size or rock.
- If you want to mod my map in return for the hitsounding I'll put you top of the list
- Not going to hit sound marathons over 6 minutes.

- If any other questions then ask me directly not on this post

- Don't spam this queue please, let other people have a turn.

- You must be going for ranked/be rankable for me to hitsound it.

- Short maps > Long maps

This is my map if you feel like modding, https://osu.ppy.sh/s/539027

aaah i would love if you could hitsound this :3 thanks https://osu.ppy.sh/s/532087
I would really appreciate if you hitsound this map (btw there are coming 2 gd you dont need to hitsound so dont worry)
Map - p/5709350/
Going for rank is my end goal btw (not saying that it is rankable, just saying i will do the most possible)

Have a nice day and Thanks in advance ^^
Hishiro Chizuru
I suck at hitsounding :<


Hopefully the map isn't too long :c
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Lonesome Dreams_old
I feel like my hitsounding sucks. Can you take a look and create something magical?
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