mike here. hi. i'm on a vacation now.

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Really. I am currently in Indonesia now.
My screen name is Mike / Blue.
If you see 'Blue' playing TF2, then say hi! that's probably me.
I am currently studying in Singapore, secondary 4.
16 years old. Single.

My wishlist is a 2TB hard drive to install ubuntu in, an AMD 5970 GPU and another monitor. And a room with 9.1 surround sound installed.
And a house in Switzerland. And a car. And a spyderco knife. And a Barrett sniper rifle.
That's all. I'll be a happy man.

oh, almost forgot. I have a new beatmap made: http://osu.ppy.sh/d/30846
Spent ~15 hours on this. And I've only started playing osu! around a week ago.
So... give me suggestions for improvement, etc. Anything is welcome.
What I will appreciate most is if you actually download and play my map, because then it would've been worth the time!
It seems that nobody is taking notice of it in the pending section: http://osu.ppy.sh/forum/viewtopic.php?t=53810
If any BAT (what does BAT stand for?) see this, then please do have the goodwill to look at it :D thanks! really appreciate it.
Welcome to osu! :D
"Single" You will fit in perfectly
"Ubuntu" Yeah osu! runs on ubuntu
And BAT stands for Bums and Tums <3 Theyre a cool bunch but who you need to look for first is a MAT

Just kidding, BAT stands for Beatmap Approval Team and MAT stands for Mapping Assitance Team :3

But you do need a MAT to bubble it first.

mike666234 wrote:

Not for long if I have anything to say about it!

Also, welcome.
Welcome Mike, you're like the 121mferj234390fsj@845jg)433232333335.46429th Singaporean player I've met, lol. Hope you enjoy osu!, and glad you're getting involved with beatmapping as well, you should be getting a lot of positive assistance here.
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Corin wrote:

But you do need a MAT to bubble it first.

anyway, thanks everyone for the warm welcome! :D hope to play again at the end of my uber-long vacation.
in the meantime, please comment on my beatmap to help me improve it!

oh, and thanks for the explanation on BAT and MAT. Might want to try going for the BAT later...
and the osu! community is surprisingly multicultural. Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, etc. wow.
Hello and welcome to osu!

mike666234 wrote:

Beatmaps that are being considered for ranked play (pending further moderator's feedback) are marked with a thought bubble icon.
You can get a bubble from either a MAT or a BAT. Once you have one bubble it needs to be checked by a BAT. Once they think your map is ready they'll rank it.

However, it's still too early for all this bubble talk - you map still hasn't been modded yet.

mike666234 wrote:

It seems that nobody is taking notice of it in the pending section
You need to be proactive and get others to mod (ie: check your map for errors/ give suggestions) your map.
You do this by posting your map in modding queues [LINK] (read the rules of the queue before posting). You should also regularly post your map in the #modreqs channel in-game.

Once you get enough mods (I'd suggest 10+ since you're new to mapping) try and find a MAT who's accepting mod requests (how do you know they're accepting? They usually have this information in their signature so make sure you check that before asking) to check you map
[List of MATs]
. If they think it's ready to be ranked he or she will bubble it. Once it's bubbled you'll just wait till a BAT gets around to checking it and ranks it. And that's pretty much it for the beatmap process. Probably made it sound more simple than it really is...meh.

Once again welcome to osu!, and good luck with your map ^_^
hiyo mike it's me.
I will help you in ur charting 8D

multiplay sometime kay?
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Haneii wrote:

Probably made it sound more simple than it really is...meh.
nope... still sounds damn complicated. didn't know it was this hard to rank a beatmap.. sigh T.T

Haneii wrote:

You need to be proactive
I'll get to being proactive once I'm done with this vacation.

Haneii wrote:

Once again welcome to osu!, and good luck with your map ^_^
Thanks a lot!

CoroQuetz wrote:

multiplay sometime kay?
MMKAY. I don't expect to win though.
Played the map yet? I bet you curled in disgust after playing it :D:D:DD

CoroQuetz wrote:

I will help you in ur charting 8D
Hi. I like people that are from Indonesia because they're cool.
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Hika wrote:

I like mike666234 because he's cool.
Thanks. Back to you too.

welcome and enjoy your stay 8D
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thanks :D
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