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Welcome to the queue >.<


First of all, let's ask ourselves, what are rules?
They are things that you have to follow.
Our rules include:

  1. Don't be annoying :D
  2. Don't ask for mods when we're closed
  3. Don't break any of our individual rules.
  4. Please specify which modder you want!!!!

That's it! :D

Individual Rules & Status

  1. Any genre except rap or metal (exception if the voice is moe >.<)
  2. BPM higher than 140 preferred, but will do anything
  3. Can mod any diffs except Hard and 7+ stars (you shouldn't be mapping 7+ star songs anyways >.>)
  4. Love Live! gets guaranteed mod, LiSA gets guaranteed mod, compilation maps get priority because I applaud you
  5. Above rule only applies when accepting NM requests
  6. 2 NM slots open per round, may be more if you participate in the occasional little game I throw out >:)
  7. M4M always open, I mod first, I mod similar drain time that you will mod (please specify difficulties in the form)
  8. GD always open, but will be picky about songs
  9. Type your waifu's name at the end just for kicks :D

    Check my last post for open/closed status
General Rules

  1. Always check my last post for q status.
  2. BPM around 170~210.
  3. Only one map per request.
  4. No k-pop, hip-hop, or rap.
  5. No tv-size openings.
  6. If your map doesn't meet my rules it'll be ignored.
  7. Be patient! I might take a while before I get to your map or before I finish the GD, since playing still takes more priority.

NM Rules

  1. Specify which difficulties you want me to mod.
  2. You can ask me to mod below 4* but don't expect anything too good.
  3. I can mod marathons, but not compilations over 10 mins.
  4. If I feel like a map doesnt need any more mods I'll just shoot some stars instead, consider that as a compliment. :D

M4M Rules

  1. Same as for NM
  2. You mod first but don't mod before I accept. If you do don't be surprised if you don't get a mod back.
  3. Maps to mod will be in my last post.

GD Rules

  1. •I'll only accept songs I like.
  2. 3~4 mins in length max.
  3. I'm also open for collab requests for marathons.
  4. If I accept I'll message you about details.
Normal Mod

  1. Provide me the link to your map
  2. Always check my last post
  3. Short or long mods, depends on the need
  4. No rap or nightcore songs
  5. Drum and Bass is guaranteed mod
  6. Be patient
  7. Mod for Mod is prioritized

Mod for Mod

  1. Same rules of Normal Mod applies to this as well
  2. I don't really mind any genre, as long as it's not rap
  3. I'm willing to mod first. If you want to mod first, let me know in your post when providing your link

Guest Difficulty

  1. You have to be aiming to get it ranked
  2. I'm kinda picky when it comes to mapping a song
  3. I feel more comfortable mapping either Easy, Normal or Insane

Request! :D
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The other two ain't ready, but I sure as hell am :D

Hiya~ I'll be your first XD
NM req

Artist: Satoshi with Pikachu (CV:Matsumoto Rica/Otani Ikue)
Title: Alola!!
Drain: 1.20 on average
Difficulties: all will be great~ ENHIII
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1139532&m=0

waifu? idk no one this season i guess ._. haven't watched much

Thanks a lot~
and ill be your second nm req :d

Artist: Orchestra Melee
Title: Targets!
Drain: 0:45
Difficulties: whichever you want, I guess :p
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/542759

no waifu :(
second ~
NM Request please ~

Title:Linear Blue wo Kikinagara
Drain: 1:49
Difficulties: Easy and Hard ~

Thank you ~

Watanabe you
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You are all so endearing :') I'll make an exception and take all three :D

M4M would do I guess...
Can you mod first? If you can, give me your map link at your mod. If you can't PM me via forum and give your map there.
Am I asking too much? lol. This is pretty handy for me tho and I can't remember all of my requested M4Ms...
You can give me any of your map but I prefer snow halation because of similar drain time and stuff but still it's up to you~

Artist: Himeringo
Title: Yonjuunana
Drain: 4:42
Difficulties: Any you want~
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/472194

Thank you~

edittt : Waifu? I'm not sure.... Kousaka Reina maybe
What is this?!

NM is open for 2 Slots.
M4m open (Map is in the rules)
GD open
aight open for M4M: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/511707
GD and NM are closed
NM request!
Artist: Suzuki Konomi
Title: DAYS of DASH
Drain: 1:21
BPM: 160
Difficulties: Normal and advanced
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/550310
Modder: Blanko

thanks in advanced ! I'm a new mapper.
A r M i N
Artist: StekloVata
Title: Novy God (feat. gr. Chernilnoye Nebo)
Drain: 1:41
BPM: 143,6
Difficulties: Any you want
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/549421
Modder: Blanko

Merry Xmas :D
NM is closed
M4m open
GD open
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Kami's Round 2 RULES

For round two of NMs, I'm having a special game :D

For a 2 day period, the two people who can get the highest score on THIS MAP will get a NM mod!

You are allowed to try as many times as you want, but only allowed to post once (editing your post is fine). You must be the one to play it (no making pro players play for you). Mods are allowed. Please post a screenshot of your score in your post along with the rest of the request form.

Good luck and have fun!!
M4M request:
Artist: µ's
Title: Donna Toki mo Zutto
Drain: 4:00~4:14
BPM: 165
Difficulties: Any
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/525628
Modder: Blanko (i already got m4m and gd from other 2 xd)

If you want to match drain times or something just tell me how much to mod (assuming you're going first)

Artist:Goose House
Title:Hikaru Nara

Legit rem
That was a quick ded
Artist: Taylor Swift
Title: Wildest Dreams
Drain: 3:00
BPM: 140
Difficulties: All ;w;
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/433614
Modder: Kami

Thanks =w=
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Literally a rule that says "read my last post"...
Kami is the game stil on ? EZ ftw (fun map btw) :)

Artist: Shawn Wasabi
Title: Burnt Rice
Drain: 1:53
BPM: 160
Difficulties: Easy / Normal
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/544853
Modder: Kami

Thanks in advance ! :)
Just leaving this here for Blanko since its DnB

Artist: ginkiha
Title: EOS (kamome sano rmx)
Drain: 4:59
BPM: 175
Difficulties: Gaze
Link: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/545857
Modder: Blanko when he is next available

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