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Your most hated anime character

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That one guy from Accel World
Shining Finger +1
Brent Parker
Cuba or Bulgaria????
Kotoura san Family :x

Sakura Haruno *shivers*
sugou art online
That bastard underclassman from Accel World
zero manners
I've hated Siesta from the Familiar Of Zero for 3 years now.
She's for sure not the worst out there but I just really hate her guts.

Alysia wrote:

Shining Finger +1
Well, i kind of like her since i read some high quality doujinshi starring her.
- vii -
marie and rise from persona 4 are both trash and i hate them c:

RyokoYamazaki wrote:


Kana Kimishima from Parasyte
Green Platinum
None of this shit even compares to Rosamia from Zeta Gundam
Fairy King Oberon aka Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online.

Kirito should have set that Pain Absorber to -70.
every character with big eyebrows

mathexpert wrote:

post the anime character you think is most annoying and/or is your least favorite.

mine is saji crossroad, the fact that he pilots the 00 raiser along with setsuna blows my mind.

i personally dont like usagi (sailor moon) in her whiny version much
but to be fair no one does
Green Platinum

zooibadooi wrote:

i personally dont like usagi (sailor moon) in her whiny version much
but to be fair no one does
That is very much the point of Sailor Moon though
Upcoming throughout the 70's and 80's much of anime and manga's protagonists were those who were either destined for greatness or adapted quickly to the power thrust upon them. Think about stuff like Golgo 13, Hokuto no Ken, Macross and Gundam especially (with the Newtype business). Sailor Moon is much about an ordinary person growing under the circumstances she's been put into and very often cracking under the pressure of it. This trend was very much normalized by Evangelion later on so people don't necessarily realize how big a deal this actually is.
Plus Usagi becomes quite a badass when she awakens as Princess Serenity
This guy
Doflamingo this cunt.
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