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Hello everyone,

First of you must know that my actual tablet is wacom CTL-460

Recently I've done many changes about my playstyle( grip, tablet area, plus I bought a new monitor).

But I still have one problem, it's my hand, i have sweaty hand and I always have the same problem : my stylus will gradually slide off my fingers, for a 1min map it's almost okay but above you can be sure that in like 2-3min my fingers is almost touching the stylus's point and therefore i'm not feeling confortabme at all(and imagine how does it affect my aim).

To correct it, the only thing I could do was wearing a glove, but I'm know sure it affects my aim, I'm feeling much better without a glove to be honest.
This is why I want to change my tablet(but in reality it's the stylus, but I don't think that a CTL-480's stylus is comatible with a CTL-460). Yes I'll have to re-find the correct tablet area I know, but currently, regardless of my tablet area I can't play properly because of this problem.

I've tried the huion 420 tablet but I didn't like it, however the stylus's material didn't make my fingers move.

Therefore I come here to ask to everyone who have a wacom tablet(and if yes which one) if when your hand is sweating, the stylu's material of those tablet doesn't make your fingers slide off

If you ask me, I've already tried to wash my hand, to use medications, but nothing work, I've got only 2 solutions : electrophoresis or a surgery.
If you ask me to change grip, it won't help me, I've tried many grip, but the results is the same.

I know this problem is maybe stupid... But I don't want to a buy a new tablet if it won't resolve this problem so I prefered to ask.

Thanks in advance for help.
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