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What Did You Love About 2016?

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Arnold0 wrote:

Well, imo I ruined my life in 2016 so there isn't a lot of stuff I love from it.
I'm gonna say that how my Garry's Mod server worked (Eg. Good enough that I always had the 60€/m for the server out of the donations I got) was probably a good thing... Oh and also Art To Play (A jap and gaming related convention) was very good, and that where I saw Shindehai and started to really like the music he makes. But that's kinda small to compensate from the fact I ruined my life.
Getting optical fiber could be something good as well if it didn't contribute that much about why I ruined my life and I also lost it before 2016 was ended and now I can't stand having only 1Mbit/s upload, ADSL really sucks.
So do you mind explaining how you ruined your life?
Fl4ndre Scarlet
Not sure. 2016, was really just a year full of memes, trends, drama, and just crippling depression in general.
I guess I managed to build the foundation for seems to be a relationship wit mai crush OwO
And also i got to met some cool peeps on osu, since i joined in november.
I got out of a depressing life for what seemed like a good two months, but then I found myself back into the shitpile that is my life.
Uhm, yeah. I guess it'll be a while until my life actually takes a clean turn for the better. Even then I kinda enjoyed some parts of this year and I'm looking forward to the future. :3
got rid of toxic people, met new friends etc. i wished 2016 lasted longer for me.
I had an absolutely amazing summer, it was probably the most memorable point in my life so far. Other than that... well it was 2016...
I got to laugh at a lot of snowflakes.
I was a lot happier..
Got back into osu!
Went to Ocean City, New York, Japan, China.
After getting back from Japan, I started high school

Also got a girlfriend but she quickly changed her mind so I guess it cancels out.
The end 2016 was also the end of my first seasons in LoL and CSGO

Zangston wrote:

Also got a girlfriend but she quickly changed her mind so I guess it cancels out.
Same here brother. Same here.
Comfy Slippers
dropping out of college, jk that's bad and depressing
- At 2016 I started to really play osu(every day,)
- I found good friends, in my new shcool(boarding school, even with this I can play everyday xD)
- I get my tablet for osu!
That's all the good things who happened to me ^^
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