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What Did You Love About 2016?

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- Jade -
With 2016 coming to a close, I think it's safe to say that a lot has happened this year. I thought it would be nice to make a thread where we talk about our favorite moments from this year. I didn't see any threads for this particular kind of topic; if there is such a thread and/or if I put this in the wrong forum (I don't think I did, but I don't want to be too sure), I feel certain that the moderators will do something about it.

Until then, I'll start:

I got to meet many new people (on here, Twitter, and Tumblr) and make some new friends. I even grew closer with some real life friends, as I got to spend more time and get to know more about them. Osu! quickly led me to play CtB, and even if I'm not the best at it, I feel as if I'm in a better spot than when I first began. Corny, but Osomatsu-San became my favorite show and grew on me to the point where I can't stop talking about it so damn much (To sum it up: it means a lot to me).

Overall, not the best year, but I guess it wasn't the worst either (not for me, at least). I'm just hoping that 2017 offers much more than this year did.
Trump and Brexit.

B1rd wrote:

Trump and Brexit.
idk what I expected

I would've said Pokemon Go, but even that was a huge disappointment.

I'll go with my post-graduation plans finally falling into place, the Guns n' Roses reunion tour, the whole We Are Number One saga, and a birthday that wasn't overshadowed by finals anxiety for the first time in forever...

oh and everything about osu!mania
Gained a lot of friends, music taste changed for the better, got a loving girlfriend, started to become much less introverted, had more self-esteem and confidence in myself... This year is quite nice because I feel that me as a person has improved and became happier, hope this keeps up.

For favorite "moments", um, there's a lot, like me graduating from junior high, going to multiple countries, and etc.
I met so many cool people this year, many who I talk to every day, I also got back in contact with some old friends that I havent spoken with in forever, my 2016 was really good a lot of nice things happened this year, a lot that I cant list because this would go on forever.. Let's hope 2017 isn't so bad :)
how cool of you people. this year i discovered that i have crippling depression
This year was the year I started listening to music that trigger crippling depression, but then my life changed for the better. Try it.
I love my friends
without them, i will never be introduced to manga and anime, and i probably never play this game if they don't recommend Osu! to me :lol
So, that's what i love the most in this year :)
There is so much memories in 2016, the important thing is i become a bit more closer to my boy friends, well. i usually play with girls but im not anymore. Thanks to them, they have introduced me to the outer world, by outer world means Activities that happens out of the house lul. Almost everytime i get hanging out with my friends this year like everytime and not being an introvert person anymore. Second, i kinda love Pokemon go although, it

Raspberriel wrote:

was a huge disappointment.
Third, the power of social media that could make every single thing like, PPAP or that "om telolet om" joke that has gone viral lol.

Things i love this year in osu! is probably the maps, sir monstrata's map, Awesome SBs creation And the design/leak of osu!next build. Just can't wait to see it fully implemented in the future❤.
I got rid of some toxic people. That made me a lot happier than I've ever been
The end of my depression
i think i improved as a person. met some good people too
overall not a bad year
Came to terms with my problems, accepted my past and properly better'd myself a person

Guess I finally "grew up" this year.

B1rd wrote:

Trump and Brexit.
Also got to know some cool musicians, make new friendships & make a lot of money.
The mental breakdowns!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the memes
nah, it was only about the dank memes bro

Zeciarz wrote:

The end of my depression
and memes
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