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STATUS: Closed. Need to finish off current requests!

Poll is closed and 100% of you who voted wanted this queue so here it is.

This Queue is entirely for new mappers with 0 or 1 ranked map.

If you already have more than 1 ranked map, leave now.

The point of this queue is not modding, rather developing mapping styles and teaching basic RC-Rules. It's similar to a tutoring program. There is a request form that you need to fill out below. The form is self-explanatory. I will analyse the form and provide you individual feedback depending on your answers. I offer you this opportunity so you can receive constructive criticism which should help you shape your style.

If you have any specific questions about anything in particular or want general feedback about your map and don't need a full tutoring procedure, you can ask for either with a link to your map in the Queue. I will post my reply in your beatmap thread.

👉 Request here 👈

Some examples of how the feedback will look like:

  1. Mili - Nine Point Eight by TheKoala
  2. Yunomi - Otogi Banashi no Hibi (ft. nicamoq) by Flare-kun
  3. The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey by Blitzfrog
  4. Saiph - Juno (Short Ver.) by Circle
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