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Hi guys !
I've come to talk about the new home page (on https://new.ppy.sh)
(btw great job ! I love the new interface)

There is a small button to download the osu! client. I can see "Download now for Linux"

I'm a linux user, i use the windows version of osu! with PlayOnLinux (Wine) and i was happy to see a "Linux version".

But when i click on the button, i download a version with the extension .exe.

My question is: this is a little bug or the "Linux" version is really an windows executable? :P

Thx for read this post and sorry for my bad english :)
Hello, this is the upcoming new osu! version. This new website is in developpement with the new osu and some things like this button is placeholder.
But yeah, linux version is planned for the next osu!.
"But yeah, linux version is planned for the next osu!."

Oh great :D
I'm impatient to see this version. :D
As a Kubuntu user I'm waiting for this too :D

Nunux for life <3
Arch user here - Really really excited.

neatvidya wrote:

Arch user here - Really really excited.
If you're impatient there's an AUR package here which builds the git repo for you, I'm not sure what does/doesn't work in Lazer at this point though.
oh woah.. at this rate, can't wait until osu!next finished
kudos the dev for their hardwork, hail linux version.
and no tablet driver on linux?

:3.would ppy develop a osu!next (seem to be osulazer)with driver for tablet?:3
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