Shawn McPherson - Taste The Blood

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on lunedì 23 maggio 2011 at 14:59:54

Artist: Shawn McPherson
Title: Taste The Blood
Source: Devil May Cry 3
Tags: Dante Vergil Taste The Blood Battle OST Soundtrack
BPM: 150
Filesize: 5761kb
Play Time: 01:42
Difficulties Available:
  1. Dante Must Die (4,78 stars, 174 notes)
  2. Hard (4,59 stars, 141 notes)
  3. Hell Or Heaven (4,88 stars, 183 notes)
  4. Normal (2,5 stars, 87 notes)

Download: Shawn McPherson - Taste The Blood
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Taste The Blood, the battle OST from Devil May Cry 3.
This is first serious beatmap.

It has four difficulties:
-Normal, which can be completed by almost anyone with at least two hours of total gameplay.
-Hard, which can be very tricky, at many points, but still easy, since drain is not too high.
-Dante Must Die, which is actually like Insane. Not so hard for completion, but if you go for perfection, power to you. :3
-Hell and Heaven, which is similar to Dante Must Die, but there are no breaks in it.

The beatmap also has 8 breaks, each one consisting of 2 seconds. In Heaven and Hell difficulty, breaks won't be there, but time will just pass by, and hp will constantly be drained.

This map was uploaded a couple of days ago, but that was kind of noobish, since i'm very inexperienced. I radically changed the map, in all of its difficulties, and I added a new difficulty. Long combos have been replaced, and i reduced many distance snaps. Spacing is much better, now.

[16/05/11]: Beatmap prototype was created.
[19/05/11]: All the beatmaps modded.
[19/05/11]: "Hard" difficulty added.
[20/05/11]: Preview point is set.
[20/05/11]: Various mods in song tags and difficulties' settings.
[21/05/11]: Mp3 file cropped.
[23/05/11]: Many spacings and combos fixed on hard.

Hope you like this.
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HellDawn wrote:

What should this mean? :3
nice map :3
Okay, extended IRC mod. Pointed out a lot of things, feel free to fix them or not. Star.
great map ;)
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Omega wrote:

Okay, extended IRC mod. Pointed out a lot of things, feel free to fix them or not. Star.
You've been very helpful, Omega. You really deserve that Kudosu.
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