osu!mania 7K World Cup 2017 - Discussion Thread

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Really Hyping bout this \o/
We in this boiiiiz!
After thinking for a while, looks like I'll be signing up once more this time around
USA can make it pretty far this year, I'm sure :)
i *was* gonna stop signing up for tournaments after the mwc4k 2016 but idk, fun things are fun and i like fun things that are fun
Soi un noob en el 7k :o
Back to the grind boi
I for some reason thought Taiko World Cup was next. Still looking forward to watching this
Good luck for the applicants, hopefully France will do well this time :D
Only gonna play because otherwise the USA team is all asian lmao

Gekido- wrote:

Only gonna play because otherwise the USA team is all asian lmao

Gekido- wrote:

Only gonna play because otherwise the USA team is all asian lmao
by the way ,dose jhlee can play in MWC7K2017?

he is a amazing boy in mania..peace..

aitor for spain carry
and here I am, wondering if we will even hit 20 teams XD

Already noticed Loctav about the lack of players in 7K last year and gave him a solution that could be modified for the good of everyone. The idea had some issues tho, but still could be worth for everyone. Anyways, this tournament is already condemned and we are going to see the same countries in the final, semi-final stages. I would like to cheer for USA and Thailand because I guess these are the only ones with a chance to do something in this tournament. A lot of people might think indirectly like me, Korea has almost all the chances to win this tournament and I don't really mind that, they're just playing like another country would do, but still It's pretty boring to almost predict who is going to be the winner of each tournament.

I guess there's nothing we can do now with the tournament, but I still think that making a suggest thread wouldn't be that bad at all. Also, I guess the osu standard players staff doesn't have the enough knowledge about the osu!mania community, specially about the 7K community, that is even much smaller than the 4K one and mostly filled by asian people. I see that there are a few o!m players in the staff, such as Halogen, Juan, ET Blocko, Kami, Evening, and Daiky but still, It wouldn't be that bad to the community to lend a hand, isn't it what we do with all the other stuff? With that I mean beatmap modding, feature requests, and so.

Considering this opinion for a bit shouldn't hurt too much, am I right?


aitor98 wrote:

I would like to add to this because I think it's an important issue that isn't being taken into consideration. No offense to Loctav or anything, he's an amazing individual for organizing all these tournament and so consistently but I would unfortunately like to believe that he completely missed the point aitor was trying to address. Loctav is not wrong for saying that 7K has plenty of players and in a sense it does but the problem lies in aitor wording that loctav, which I have to assume misread.

"The thing is that a lot of countries doesn't have alot of 7K players". Aitor as far as i've understood it which I agree upon is that the distribution of players is severely uneven globally. There are 16 players in the top 100 that is not Asian. 4 out of these 16 are European. There's no doubt that 7K is heavily concentrated in Asia, specifically in few individual countries such as South Korea. However it is extremely lacking in some countries, which is something loctav hasn't comprehended. Spain, where aitor is from has one player that is maining 7K. Denmark as I've heard is lacking players, Croatia which has the 90 highest ranked players on the leaderboard... is lacking players and the list goes on and on and is quite frankly too big for this reply.

In conclusion not every country can assemble a 6 roster line up, in fact they can barely assemble a line up that can participate in the tournament. Merging countries would enable a full team roster to happen while also making it more competitive by getting the best players that wouldn't otherwise be able to compete. Because one has the understand that aitor's suggestion is only a suggestion to make the 7K tournament more competitive, more excited by bringing the best players together which will make it more competitive and overall better in my honest opinion.
yeah so true :/ Austria(where they speak german) only got a few player nova_97, MeowMeow Meow who are playing 7k as far i know :!:
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