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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, March 03, 2017 at 10:52:10 AM

Artist: Sakamoto Maaya
Title: Okaerinasai (tomatomerde Remix)
Source: たまゆら~hitotose~
Tags: tamayura&bass dnb drum and bass ascendance
BPM: 176
Filesize: 12695kb
Play Time: 05:59
Difficulties Available:
  1. Ascendance's Reunion (4.27 stars, 1065 notes)
  2. Memories (4.46 stars, 1903 notes)

Download: Sakamoto Maaya - Okaerinasai (tomatomerde Remix)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
welcome home
in your memories

overdose by Ascendance

  1. Raphalge
  2. k3v227
  3. R
  4. Pohm
  5. OzzyOzrock
  6. Chromoxx
  7. Sinnoh
  8. tasuke912
this is great! it would be a shame if it were paired with a ctb diff hahaha! it'd grave eternally!
23:50 hikikochan: hi do you want to mod something
23:50 Raphalge: e
23:50 Raphalge: i cant tyr
23:50 Raphalge: i can try
23:51 Raphalge: if irc mod then i can definitely try ya
23:51 *hikikochan is listening to [ Sakamoto Maaya - Okaerinasai (tomatomerde Remix)]
23:51 hikikochan: shouldn't take too long, single diff marathon lol
23:56 hikikochan: i'll never understand how you play hr
23:57 Raphalge: cause I dont play anything else :V
23:57 Raphalge: k so first impressions
23:57 Raphalge: fucking nice sv changes
23:57 Raphalge: first half was dope
23:57 Raphalge: couple of awkward singletaps
23:58 Raphalge: 90% of the 1/4 placements felt :ok_hand:
23:58 hikikochan: okok polishing time
23:58 Raphalge: k so while modding i basically jump between what i felt was awkward
23:59 Raphalge: I'd personally remove the spinner at 04:16:948 (1) - and 04:30:584 (1) -
23:59 Raphalge: and map until 04:39:789 -
00:00 hikikochan: hmm ok
00:00 Raphalge: 03:21:380 (1095,1096,1097,1098) - this felt a bit awkward while playing
00:00 hikikochan: see this was originally going to be a gd for mike and he's doing breaks based on azer's map
00:00 hikikochan: so i'll consider that
00:00 Raphalge: o
00:01 Raphalge: well breaks dont have to be consistent throughout different modes do they?
00:01 hikikochan: his drain time needs to be higher than mine
00:01 hikikochan: if i'm the one doing the gd
00:01 Raphalge: ooooooooo
00:01 Raphalge: steal the set :^)
00:01 hikikochan: yeah atm mine is higher than his anyways
00:01 hikikochan: lmfao im trying :^)
00:01 hikikochan: i'll probably change that triplet to a kkd
00:02 Raphalge: eh
00:02 Raphalge: it's the fact that it's a triplet that felt awkward
00:02 hikikochan: o really? hmm
00:02 Raphalge: could just be me but having patterns end with kdd triples feels really off when playing
00:03 hikikochan: ok i see your point
00:03 hikikochan: i think making it kkd fixes that problem
00:03 hikikochan: the triplet needs to be there to an extent bc a) the instrumental and b) the section needs to be contrasted with the previous kiai buildup
00:04 Raphalge: previous kiai buildup had no triple tho?
00:04 hikikochan: im talking rhythm wise
00:04 Raphalge: o
00:04 Raphalge: right
00:04 hikikochan: first one is straight 1/1 then straight 1/2
00:04 hikikochan: but this one deviates
00:04 hikikochan: ye
00:05 Raphalge: 01:41:834 (472,473,474,475,476,477,478,479,480,481,482,483,484,485,486,487,488,489,490,491) - this chain right here is golden imo
00:06 hikikochan: ayy
00:06 Raphalge: btw shouldnt 01:58:880 (597) - be k
00:07 hikikochan: oops yeah
00:09 hikikochan: changed a bit of stuff in the bar following that note to account for the change
00:09 Raphalge: aiight
00:09 Raphalge: haivng 02:09:022 (674,675) - as dd felt a bit off
00:10 hikikochan:
00:10 Raphalge: i would say change to dk but then the rest feels wrong so
00:10 Raphalge: SeemsGood
00:10 hikikochan: yeah my reasoning was that the rhythm is abnormal anyways so having the offbeat k scheme be broken matches
00:10 hikikochan: upbeat*
00:11 Raphalge: 02:15:925 (704) - no k here either?
00:12 hikikochan: o that one's on purpose
00:12 hikikochan: 02:18:653 (719) - to contrast with this
00:12 Raphalge: aiight
00:12 hikikochan: if you go to the section from 02:18:653 (719) - to 02:18:653 (719) -
00:13 hikikochan: it makes sense bc the former part is literally just the latter part with 1/4 stuff added
00:13 Raphalge: from 719 to 719?
00:13 hikikochan: but ya the k placement is done to highlight the bell(?) melody
00:13 hikikochan: holy copypaste is tilting me
00:13 hikikochan: 02:36:039 -
00:13 hikikochan: mean't this
00:13 hikikochan: meant
00:13 Raphalge: ooo
00:17 Raphalge: 02:54:107 (910) - same contrast thing here?
00:17 hikikochan: yup
00:18 Raphalge: 03:30:415 (1159,1160,1161) - could I beg you to change this triple to something else
00:19 hikikochan: yeah changed to ddd
00:19 Raphalge: thx yuo
00:19 hikikochan: the idea was to contrast it with all the previous sections ending in some form of kkd
00:20 hikikochan: lmao
00:22 Raphalge: k so the rest of my timestamps will just be things that felt awkward
00:22 hikikochan: sure thing
00:23 hikikochan: im fairly sure i already know what singletaps you're referring to so it's probably time to actually do something about them oops
00:23 Raphalge: 04:15:755 (67,68,69) -
00:24 Raphalge: 04:52:744 (46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67) -
00:24 hikikochan: that one's done to emphasize the guitar bit hm
00:24 hikikochan: ok yeah i agree with the second one
00:25 Raphalge: ok that's pretty much it
00:25 Raphalge: 05:27:175 (323,324,325,326,327) - also maybe change this to kkddk?
00:26 hikikochan: ohh good point
00:26 hikikochan: done
00:26 hikikochan: tysmmmmm
00:26 Raphalge: np

OzzyOzrock wrote:

this is great! it would be a shame if it were paired with a ctb diff hahaha! it'd grave eternally!
taiko diff is good, ctb bn feel free to bubble and i'll drop a #2 on it :D
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