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Petal trhanks
Type of request:NM or m4m
Title:a e i u e o ao!!
Artist:Gekidan Hitotose
Genre:Anime Opening
Length:1:26 (1:25 drain)
Amount of difficulties:7
Highest difficulty:5.43

already bubbled
Type of request: NM
Title: Murda
Artist: Snavs & Fabian Mazur
Genre: Trap
Length:1:34 (1:29 drain)
Amount of difficulties: 4
Highest difficulty: 5.86

"playability doesnt exists. Just yolo" - handsome
Type of request: NM although if it's OK I might want to try modding one of your maps either way
Title: !?
Artist: Snowman
Genre: I think it's progressive rock, but I don't know genres
Length: 5:43 (5:22 drain)
Amount of difficulties: 1
Highest difficulty: 6.7*

Asking me what my favorite proverb is is like asking me what my favorite breed of ferret is. Frankly, I don't know enough of either.
- me, 2018
Type of request: NM
Title: Borderline (Vanic Remix)
Artist: Tove Styrke
Genre: Trap
Length: 1:49 (1:29 drain)
Amount of difficulties: 3
Highest difficulty: 4.13

"Is the biceps normally visible?"
- Alexander Kuritsyn
Guess I can post now since I missed last round by one minute

Type of request: NM or M4M you choose
Title: Kamisabita kosenji ~ Suwa Foughten Field: The Venerable Ancient Battlefield
Artist: Demetori
Genre: Metal/Touhou
Length: 7:12
Amount of difficulties: 1
Highest difficulty: 6.65

''It's only a game, Why You Heff to be Mad?''
- Ilya Bryzagalov
Type of request: Nm
Title: Gekka
Artist: Nhato
Genre: Electronic, Trance, EDM, a bit oriental-ish
Length: 5:35 (5:00 drain)
Amount of difficulties: 1
Highest difficulty: 5.74 SR, Marathon

"El tiempo y la marea no esperan al rey", a spanish common proverb which would mean something like "neither time nor tides wait for kings".

Thanks! :)
Type of request: Nm
Title: Never say Goodbye
Artist: Mario and Nesty
Genre: k-pop english
Length: 1:38
Amount of difficulties: 4
Highest difficulty : 2.94 SR
Link :

The maps already bubble by Namki *

Two wrongs don't make a right."
It means When someone has done something bad to you, trying to get revenge will only make things worse.
By The London Magazine

Thanks !
Type of request: m4m
Title: God only knows -Secrets of the Goddess- (Extract)
Artist: Oratorio The World God Only Knows
Genre: pop, i guess
Length: 1:27
Amount of difficulties: 5
Highest difficulty: 5.14*

"Please enjoy game" - rrtyui
Eimi Fukada
Type of request: NM
Title: Esoragoto Spiral
Artist: Seisa Mikagura (CV: Onishi Saori)
Genre: Anime/Jazz/Japanese
Length: 1:28
Amount of difficulties: 5
Highest difficulty: 5.70

"Honesty is the best policy" - Benjamin Franklin

Thank you !
NM or M4M
I choose NM (or if you want ill do m4m <3)
Song: Naraku no Hana
Artist: R3 Music Box
Length: 45s
Difficulties: 2
Star Range: 1.4-1.8*
Map: t/640339
Type of request: M4M
Title: Manatsu no Setsuna (TV Size ver.)
Artist: XX:me
Genre: Anime
Length: 1:30
Amount of difficulties: 7
Highest difficulty: 5.29*

"咲夜俺の嫁w" - Hollow wings
Type of request: NM
Title: The F-Track
Artist: Showtek
Genre: Electronic(?)(Hardstyle)
Length: 2:15 (1:34 drain)
Amount of difficulties: 1
Highest difficulty: 3.61*


All Great World Events Happen Twice, Once As Tragedy And Secondly As A Farce.
Georg Hegel
Type of request: m4m/nm i dont mind either way
Title: Pandemonium
Artist: Memme
Genre: drumstep(?)
Length: 2:10 (1:59 drain)
Amount of difficulties:11
Highest difficulty: 6.03

"The early bird catches the worm."
Type of request: NM/M4M/IDC
Title: Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho
Artist: Team "Hanayamata"
Genre: Animu
Length: 1:29
Amount of difficulties: 3
Highest difficulty: 4*

Music is a form of expression. No matter how many people hate what you do, there will always be those who appreciate it.

Type of request: whatever's fine
Title: Synchromanica
Artist: Negoto
Genre: anime
Length: 1:28
Amount of difficulties: 8
Highest difficulty: 4.64

"They don't think it be like it is but it do" - Oscar Gamble
Type of request: NM/M4M
Title: Waiting for you
Artist: Jay Chou (with Gary Yang)
Genre: Chinese Pop
Length: 4:07 (3:47 drain)
Amount of difficulties: 2
Highest difficulty: 2.67*

Presistence not necessarily bring success,but giving up is bound to fail. -Yao Ming
Type of request: les go M4M
Title: Affection (Of A Lonely Planet)
Artist: Maxton Waller
Genre: Rock
Length: 35 seconds
Amount of difficulties: 6
Highest difficulty: 5.62*

“Failure is not falling down, it is not getting up again” - Mary Pickford
Jean-Michel Jr
Hey, posting here as you told me to :)

Type of request: Recheck(NM/M4M)
Title: Seijouki no Piero ~ The MadPiero Laughs
Artist: Demetori
Genre: Metal
Length: 5:02
Amount of difficulties: One
Highest difficulty: Apollo Hoax Theory (6.74*)

"Puisque la vie a pour but la mort, apprendre à vivre n'est qu'apprendre à mourir." Nicolas Massias
(~"Since life's end is death, learning to live is only learning to die")
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