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We need more competitors. I don't feel I did that great being 4th out of 7(6).
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ROUND 1 Commentary

I give alvisto a 6!
He sounds like he could be the actual singer! I heard no messups in it!

I give OzzyOzrock a 5.
Ozzy's voice definitely had a nice flow to it.

I give KoromoAmae a 4
He definitely had a nice voice but I wasn't liking the way he was belting it.

I give Krisom a 3
Krisom's voice was okay. I have no idea if the high pitch is part of the song but I wasn't a big fan of it.

I give ddrXero64 a 2.
I was a bit confused as to why he sung some parts and then stopped at parts. And his voice was a bit over powering. Like it was too loud. Nevertheless it was semi-ok

I give Xgor a 1.
I felt nothing in that. It was flat sounding. It like had no emotion to it in my opinion.

That would be my scoring.
ddrXero64: I'm just gonna say, you seemed out of tune for most of the song and you seemed to miss note changes with the music.

alvisto: Music kinda overpowered you, but nothing to be worried about. You articulated really well and you seemed to me to be perfectly in tune with no wavering of your voice.

KoromoAmae: Kinda hard to understand you in the first half, but after the first half you started to sound really good and had good dynamics.

OzzyOzrock: Decent, but I thought you could've shaped your notes a bit more.

Xgor: Rather short, and even quality matters more, your unable to show how much endurance you have. Still really good and you have a sexy voice, but the shortness hurt your score and that saddens me.

Krisom: I think I heard your voice crack back down an octave in a couple of spots, but still good and was enjoyable.

6: alvisto
5: Krisom
4: Xgor
3: KoromoAmae
2: OzzyOzrock

jjrocks wrote:

Voice: It was clear, I could you hear you clearly however, towards the end your voice started to get a bit louder, it generally wasn’t bad but not great
Entertainment: You were passionate I’ll give you that, the song choice was great (a bit biased toward the oldies though)
Timing: ‘Tis good up here, you weren’t off (by too much at least)
Overall: You were passionate~ keep on working on it~

Voice: Not bad, not bad at all you have a decent voice (singing a bit too much through the nose?), you were clear and I could understand the lyrics very well
Entertainment: I enjoyed it, good job~ Nice song choice~
Timing: On time, the beginning did sound off though
Overall: Let’s say that background music helped you here, your voice is great overall though.~ Keep on working on it~

Voice: Not as clear, the lower you went the harder it was to understand you. Though the voice itself was good (and I mean very good)
Entertainment: D: The song didn’t give you enough time to flex your voice, I don’t mind the song but it only exposed a small fragment of your voice range
Timing: Good.
Overall: Your voice is amazing, but the song choice didn’t allow me to really get a grip on how great it is compared to others, now don’t get me wrong, Your voice sounds fantastic but the song choice made it sound monotone. (Well that was redundant)

Voice: D: turn your mic down, You were very clear though, on key, and I could understand everything you said
Entertainment: Good song choice
Timing: Yeah, same as most, it was good
Overall: Not much to say actually, it was just...great, good job and continue working

Voice: Well it was clear, not sure how “on key” it was though, not as on key as the others though
Entertainment: :I Not very entertaining, better luck next time though, I do sortof like listening to these
Timing: *cough* - don’t know how “on time” that was
Overall: “Like a man!” -lol~ It didn’t help your performance that much in the end, though the main problem was that it was 30 seconds long. Next time~

Voice: Pretty much on key, pretty clear
Entertainment: I somewhat enjoyed this, it was a nice song, pretty passionate, really tough choice though
Timing: On time
Overall: Better than some~ It was decent overall, after listening to the actual song as well I think that an instrumental could have complemented your singing

OzzyOzrock - 6
alvisto - 5
KoromoAmae - 4
Krisom - 3
ddrXero -2
Xgor - 1
ddrx - You could have tried singing the girl parts too. 2
I think you were singing too "(mountain) high enough". (lol lame pun)
The end was lulz so I should give some points for personality/entertainment.

alvisto - Singing is clear and smooth. I enjoyed listening to it and could not find any serious flaws. 6

koromo - Great voice control. Seemingly flawless, but lacking energy. 5

ozzy - Nice control, but some parts seemed a little off-key. 3

xgor - There wasn't really much pizzazz. The singing was somewhat stable though. 1

Krisom - There was more spirit put into this one. 4
I doubt that the song itself had this much spirit.

P.S. My comments suck D:
:D You forgot to post the participants' submissions.
I love the mixed scores, lol, some high, some low, never the same for each judge.
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Sleep Powder

Nekoroll wrote:

:D You forgot to post the participants' submissions.
Just added to the front page.
animask, can I resubmit another entry (another song) ? Cause I just realized that "THIS" song is also from TV show... and the song I sent you yesterday was a mess... xD
Hoho only Rust liked mine.

Well I promise I sing something with an instrumental next time and a longer one.

Xgor wrote:

Hoho only Nekoroll liked mine.

Well I promise I sing something with an instrumental next time and a longer one.
<_< I think you mean rust45, silly Xgor.
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Sleep Powder

alvisto wrote:

animask, can I resubmit another entry (another song) ? Cause I just realized that "THIS" song is also from TV show... and the song I sent you yesterday was a mess... xD
Yeah, of course.
Yeah first round \o/

alvisto <3

Xgor wins for best intro! (also think you sang that song quite well and would have scored higher if you sang it with instrumentals!)

Krisom, have me as your student and teach me the ways of moe!

Listened to all the entries (pchan...what happened ;_;?), you guys are great. Can't wait to hear what you guys come up with for next round >w<
Did you recieve my submission for round two? I sent it this friday but my name has not been bolded yet ~

Haneii wrote:

Krisom, have me as your student and teach me the ways of moe!
I-I'm not moe ;_______________;


Nekoroll wrote:

Xgor wrote:

Hoho only Nekoroll liked mine.

Well I promise I sing something with an instrumental next time and a longer one.
<_< I think you mean rust45, silly Xgor.
Ahh, damn, sorry :P Edited that post
Anyone know if getting a sound card would improve my input recordings? Because they all sound like they're being done on 70's ghetto-rigged equipment. I didn't think I'd need one when I had this built so I didn't order one.
Submission deadline is coming up, everyone. :D Get your recording wrapped up and ready to be shipped off to animask to be judged.

@KoromoAmae - pretty sure quality of your recordings has more to do with quality of your mic than it does sound card since most modern onboard inputs are decent. I didn't find anything too bad with your recording quality. No need to fret about it that much. XD
animask, I don't think I have time to whip up another submission, so the current submission shall do... xD thanks !
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Sleep Powder
In case you just need a few more days to work on it, theres an extension available for Saturday.

Just in case you guys forgot~

EDIT: You have to ask for it in the thread (so everyone can see it).
I would like an extension, I've been dealing with a tornado that just hit my area REALLY close by. New England isn't known for this type of extreme weather, so it's hectic. I've also been working a lot, dealing with a lot of priorities. I really hope I can get it in by the end of the day Saturday, but I'll respectfully let you know if I have to forfeit this round.

Thanks in advance, I don't like to just drop out of something I commit to, but there's a lot of stuff going on in my life at this moment, hence the huge decrease in posts.

Edit: I'd like to thank the judges for the honest feedback, my first ever karaoke truly. I also am working with crappy 90's computer speakers (my computer didn't bring any, so I'm using old ones from like Windows 98 era I bet) and a microphone so cheap that it came free with something else I had a long time ago. I also use primitive programs to fix the voice, so I'm actually glad it was clear. My speakers may not be so clear, but I'll try to lessen the power. The mic shakes a lot, but I wanted to make sure you heard me more than the music.

Also, I didn't realize I SHOULD be singing the girl parts, so thanks for the input! I'll try to use a song wtih a single voice next time. As for my real voice, I think I actually will try one that I'm comfortable with. My voice cracks, but last time I checked i passed the Music Theory AP (exam) vocal sight reading section with flying colors. But I could be rusty, I think I'll hit up the major and minor scales again, and do some thirds or something.

Thank guys, really. I really will try to submit soon, but guys. A tornado. Hasn't happened for YEARS. So yea, kinda dealing with that stress, glad that people I care about and even the people I don't are safe, and I'm glad that my co-worker is safe, who I had to push back away from the heavy glass door at my job as it broke off the hinges when the wind came, I almost got hit myself. Scary shit guys, thanks for being patient.
Oh gosh, please give me the extension ><

reason: I fail at life
Oh thanks for the extension, I was going to ask for this because I tried to get a good recording but didn't yesterday.
Submission deadlines are tomorrow! I hope everyone who didn't submit their entries yet had enough time to record and do their best (or at least try, lol). That extension better not had been for nothing. :3

Also, I will be putting up a 6-month subscription in the list of prizes since I am a terrible modder. XD Been getting in a steady stream of money from my job now.
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