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POST YOUR FIRST POST. :333333333333

Hi... My friend and i really think this is a cool game, but we can't login in on my laptop, but on my desktop computer,we can.... Also on my mom's pc we can too. And i have read all the threads, but none helped me/us. Please help. Thanks :D
God, so.... odd :<

Jarby wrote:

It's wonderful. I would give constructive criticism, but I can't find anything wrong with it at all.
I'm just glad that I could write intelligently on the internet when I was 12.
My first post: Users browsing this forum: arne439, E-Hooker, MetalMario201 and 1 guest
My latest post: Users browsing this forum: arne439, ddrXero64, ragelewa, Reperawin, Verdisphena and 0 guests

Some threads never dies, no matter how meaningless they are. :D
Most people's first post would either be about:
a) Introducing themselves
b) Asking for help
c) Posting a map

Mine is c) viewtopic.php?t=15179
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NoHItter wrote:

Most people's first post would either be about:
a) Introducing themselves
b) Asking for help
c) Posting a map

Mine is c) viewtopic.php?t=15179
you just covered 75% of all posts in osu!
Hey everyone, thought I'd drop a post and introduce myself... hi!

I go by the name Rantai for all situations and I've been around since July but didn't really play properly until September .

Osu! has been really fun so far. It makes me extra glad I went to my area's supanova where I found demos of it on some tablet pc's XD

Anyway, that'll be all from me, have a good day :D

Wow I was in a very good mood that day.

DataCirno wrote:

I'm just tired and bored. That's why I am writing something cool about myself to get some ego. Wait, wha..?

I am a 17 years old Business Information Technology student from a "lovely" land, which you are calling Finland. As you can guess, I use my time on computers alot. I have three computers in use, I have to fix one computer, and I am planning to buy a new gaming PC. I play also video games, but not hardcore-style. Let's say I am a regular player, just having fun and trying always new. I also have Xbox 360, DataCirno is my gamertag, but I don't accept friend requests if I really don't know who is behind the TV. But I guess you don't care about this. Let's go to the next round, eh?

I just downloaded this game about two weeks ago. It was really hard on start, but training makes the master. Uh, I'm not master, but let's say I'm average. Right now I don't know anything about making new ranked beatmaps at all, so don't think I am going to upload some music here. Also, I have a really bad rhythm ear.

What is the mean of this post? Firstly, this is a warning. I am really odd, but I guess you are odd too. I hope. Secondly, I am just trying to find some people to chat with. Xfire is a good option to add me, I am holding a same nickname there. Yeah, I know. I am lonely. But I don't mind much.

But I'll guess I have to start posting here. Let's see on the banlis- I mean topics!

Natteke wrote:

This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2 сентября 2009 г. at 19:09:04

Artist: Yuria
Title: You
BPM: 130
Filesize: 4925kb
Play Time: 01:26
Difficulties Available:
  1. Normal (3,27 stars, 123 notes)

Download: Yuria - You
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Here is my first attempt to make a map :D
I hope you like it :)

corin12355 wrote:

Hiya, I quickly wanted to ask if the user "Corin" Can be removed, due to me wanting the name, and the fact he has less than 100 plays and hasent loged in in 2 years, i just wonderd if you could free up the name for me :)


It's funny how much of a noob i was ^^;
I am rather good at making pancakes.
LAWL. Wasnt so good at all but oh well.
This was my result.
My first post was a map too, but here's my first non map-related post:

Quaraezha wrote:

jockeytiyan wrote:

But I really need that Center Align Code! D:
At least I can't get distracted by osu tonight :P

So let peppy sleep, I have HW to do
the context was a thread about Bancho being down for maintenance.

back in the days when I used more emoticons in my forum posts


LadySuburu wrote:

The beatmap is fun to play on Insane. The only problems I have are the sliders directly on top of eachother are sometimes really hard to do, and the ending feels a bit strange (before the spinner). I'm not sure if the slider problem is just me, or not though. Someone else will have to try them.

I tried it on hard afterwards. I didn't have much of a problem playing it on hard.

Overall: I really like this beatmap. XD

My Neighbor Totoro, beatmap review.

Edit: Too lazy to fix quote tags, deal with it.
This is one epic sexy sauce map =3

In reference to a

ykcarrot wrote:

Good map. I'm having fun at your map. ;)
I think this map also having fun in Tag coop mode. :)
But graveyarded map now.

Kitsunemimi wrote:

Ummm.... Is the whole thing supposed to be Kiai mode?? :?

SapphireGhost wrote:

I love playing Osu! and Ouendan, and I'm not too bad at it either (On the DS, I can get ALL 300 on Shanghai Honey Insane), but I have to say that my computer is just preventing me from doing what I want to. First of all, the lag is intense. I'll be doing fine on a song, when suddenly the lag kicks in and I fail. Then, there's also the problem of my mouse. It jumps around the screen chronically, making it almost impossible to hit a note. These two problems combined end up making it impossible to play the game. :(
I have tried changing things in the settings, though it hasn't help much. I think this poor computer just can't play Osu! Though, if any of you have suggestions, I want to hear.
I hate my younger self.

Beuchi-chan wrote:

I love the song *-* and it's a good beatmap too :)

*Beuchi gives a little star* ^o^
D'aw, I was so cute.
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