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I have a Bug at Jonathan and GlaDOS - Still Alive (Collab Cake) on Catch the Beat.
On this Video what I record: http://youtu.be/_CeGsEOMVFA I reach the 2nd Place in the Ranking.
Check out the time from 2:52 - 2:55 (You can see that I am the 2nd Place)
But at the Picture (what I send) I am the 17th. Is that a Bug?

isn't it pretty self explanatory that it didn't have the time to update the scoreboard
looks like replay bug, you can see in the video at the end

that you got 99.7% and a higher score, compared to your ranked 99.4%, which is probably the same thing that causes sliders to break in replays but not in the actual play for standard; its not exactly common but has been seen a few times before
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