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Current Priority: +0
I wouldn't really call this a bug, but rather a minor request.
You see, whenever I get offline for a long period of time I spend my free time practicing CtB. Playing against local scores is somewhat fun, and to keep things tidy I want to record every score I've done with my name. Problem is, everytime I record a score the player's name field erases itself, making me have to rewrite my name everytime I finish a beatmap.

A quick and easy fix would be just that - if osu! remembered the last name used for the player's name field and entered it automatically, it would speed things up. It doesn't necessarily have to be global; a 'remembers until shut down' thing would work perfectly too.

This isn't high-priority or anything, of course, but still thought I should request it. Not only for me, but for anyone else that practices offline too.
That shouldn't be the case; Mine has always saved my name and remembered it every time I play a chart.
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