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I'm getting a 27 inch monitor soon replacing my 23 inch monitor. I play full screen on the 23 in monitor and i do not want to give up playing fullscreen when i get my new bigger monitor. Just wondering if adaptation will be hard or easy or if there is a way to make my life easy or its not really a problem at all.
why would you ever need a new montitor?
I'd say it may take you less than a week to adapt (if even that.).

Lolinator2000 wrote:

why would you ever need a new montitor?
Maybe because his current monitor has a lot of delay, or the monitor is old and therefore got low resolution, or he just bought a monitor with higher refresh rate like how most serious osu players do having a 144hz monitor, or he just wanted a monitor with better dynamic colour range? Do you assume every monitor delivers about the same performance, because there is a clear difference between high end monitors and cheap ones.

There are plenty of reasons yet you couldn't think of 1. Besides black Friday and cyber Monday recently had some good sales on monitors so he might have gotten a good bargain, and by buying a new monitor he also has the choice of using both having a dual monitor setup which is a lot better than running a single monitor in my opinion (unless your graphics card can't handle it).
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I recently went through this, I used to have a 1600 by like 900 or 1200 monitor with a 5ms delay, worked "fine" for me but it broke, so I went shopping and wanted something better, so I went with a 1ms ASUS monitor 1920x1080 (VX228 model) and it's a world of difference. The 1ms is noticeable in all games. The color scheme is hard to adjust, but so far it's been fine for Osu.

As long as you keep your Tablet mapping/Mouse DPI the same and keep it to the osu window there is so real "adjustment" period unless you downgrade from say a 1ms delay to a 15ms delay. Then there is quite the difference. From 5ms to 1ms wasn't though, just a noticeable improvement.
Just because the monitor is different size, doesn't mean there will be different hand placement. Your cursor will still move accordingly, just at a faster/slower rate depending on size difference you've switched to. Muscle memory will usually take over in a matter of minutes and your brain will adapt pretty fast. I also heard 144Hz monitors are awesome, but I can't comment, don't have one.

In short; there shouldn't be an adjustment period at all really (unless drastic difference in monitors). Just play some familiar songs when you first get it so the muscle memory is already there and you know what to expect.

Side note; If you're upgrading to a 27" make sure you're far enough away from it, because likely for anything 6 stars or above there will be screen wide jumps/jumpy maps and usually staring static in the center of the screen while jumping will cause misses, and you don't wanna have to move your neck/eyes like a madman. (assuming you go full screen or high resolution)
As someone who owns a 144hz monitor, it's a pleasure to the eyes by just scrolling in a browser. The downside to owning a 144hz monitor though is that 60hz can sometimes look like cancer to me, and I can clearly see the difference between my main monitor and secondary monitor which is only running at 60hz refresh rate :/
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I was doing a lot of searching online about this as I also ordered a new monitor, and the complaint that people had with 27 inch is that it was like sitting at the front row in a movie theater, and they had to turn their head to see different areas of the screen. I imagine that this is just them having the monitor too close or they could be (definitely are) over exaggerating. I think you should be fine though, also supposedly 1080 looks kinda bad on some 27 inch monitors, but you already ordered so shopping advice is kinda useless I guess :P
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Thank you for all your replies! Guess when I get it Ill just deal with it and hopefully its not too problematic.
Why did I buy it? Sales m8 xp
Unfortunately I won't be having a dual set up because my current monitor is being handed down :/
As for the monitor being too big or close it will be about 2 and a half feet away so i hope that is far enough...
Get it. This website might help you to choose right monitor Have fun with game
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