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Although the leaderboard doesn't display on the website, there's a leaderboard for every difficulty when you look at the map in-game. I'm requesting that the normal diff have its in-game leaderboard removed, because it's just a complete shitfest that only encourages relax and autoclick cheaters. There's nothing about the diff that's even HUMANLY PLAYABLE (impossible to pass).

In case you don't know what the map looks like, here's what it actually is. Everything is just pure jump bursts mapped to 1/16 snap at 200 bpm (800 bpm). This is what the entire map contains, there's no other patterns or sliders except these. It's impossible to revive your hp bar, even for a split second. Why should this difficulty have a leaderboard when it's not humanly possible to pass? Literally, the only thing it accomplishes is attracting cheaters.

Just look at the leaderboard; almost every score in the top 50 is cheated. There's no way you could get those double digit accuracies legit, even with EZ and HT. Even high-ranked players like ExGon and Elysion got less than 5.00% acc with HT at best.

The map isn't ranked???
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