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Problem Details:

As the title says, I'm getting a warning window every time I want to post something significantly long (aka a mod or just a few paragraphs) on that subforum. The error says:
256 /data/repo/www/forum/includes/functions_messenger.php 162 Could not find email template file [ language/es/email/topic_notify.txt ]
Even with that warning window, my post will be saved and shown in the beatmap thread. If I try to refresh that site or go back and check my post preview, a new post with the same content will be generated, leading to something like this:

Editing my post won't trigger the issue though. The website asks me often to verify my osu! account through my email address at least once or twice if I refresh in the error site. The issue is indeed minor, but kinda annoying if I'm actively modding :p

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20161101cuttingedge
Try clearing your cache/cookies?
also i love your profile picture
This seems to be a relatively new issue with some certain sub-forums. It's been reported before.

I'll try to find the thread sometime today.

Dntm8kmeeatu wrote:

This seems to be a relatively new issue with some certain sub-forums. It's been reported before.

I'll try to find the thread sometime today.
Same thought here. This thread has the same issue as this one, but it seems like it's only occurring for the old web, and not for new.ppy.sh.
I noticed that in the 2nd update that it didn't appear until the 2nd post. My 1st post didn't get the error
So I'm thinking it might be with the OP needing verification?
Hard to point out...

Flannel wrote:

Try clearing your cache/cookies?
also i love your profile picture
Tried that already, but it still happens. I noticed it gets triggered in the WIP/Help subforum, as well as with private messages.

Same error message in any case. Can it be related to the fact that the new website implemented locations in other languages?

Have you read the thread Pawsu linked? It happened to me too.
At this point it's not a problem from the user, but the website itself
Though I don't think it's a problem because of the new website implementation
Since it says about a template, I'm thinking it's when osu! Tries to send an email to subscribed users that have not verified email?

Also, could you test it on the links I gave in that thread?
Use a different browser.

Re-verify email on a new browser too if necessary.

Venzire wrote:

Use a different browser.

Re-verify email on a new browser too if necessary.
Don't think you didn't read the thread though, if you did, you would know it isn't a problem with their end
Since it happens to me too (both phone and computer)

Just now it happened to this thread newly created
As noted before, despite the error, it still posted
Editing is still fine. The error came from es again.

Can someone test it out and make a post to see if it happens to them too?
After talking with Kirby, the error seems to occur because there doesn't seem to be a localisation for Spanish.
<Starrodkirby86> the OP requested to get notifications of the topic replies to his email
<Starrodkirby86> Could not find email template file [ language/es/email/topic_notify.txt ]
Well, the error is straightforward. It's missing the email localization text necessary to send out to a user using Spanish that someone replied to their topic (that being language/es/email/topic_notify.txt). It should only trigger when someone with Spanish forum language has "Notify me when a reply is posted" checked or has that by default (i.e. subscribing to a thread).

I'd like to think that this file existed already, but recently it's just 404ing or not being able to access that. Not much we can do since this is just a failure on the forum system.
Well it's not only for es, but pl (Poland) as well
I don't know if there are some more, but it seems like it makes users double post in the confusion
It could be a bit problematic, seeing there's an easy fix to make links work (or not)
Either way, the new.ppy still works, (errors ignored maybe?) So it's better to use that :/
(But I prefer old layout when on my phone)
I find it particularly odd since this error happened recently. I'm sure them and other languages or topic notifications in general were available in the past. So something must have borked internally, but it's outside of what I'm aware of.
Pretty sure this is getting forwarded on.
This is being investigated and hopefully it will be fixed in the near future. Sorry for the trouble that this issue can cause.
Confirming this for now.
Bumping this because it's started happening in a pretty popular thread, too. t/545621
also t/51694 ...
Just so everyone knows what is missing

I can confirm this,
tried posting in thread t/105117 and I got the error.

However, I saw my post being posted in https://new.ppy.sh/forum/t/105117?n=66440
despite the error.
Edit: Seems like it still posts fine even if the error shows up.

Tried again, but this time in the new website, and it worked flawlessly.
Seems like you can post in the new.ppy, so I'd suggest you post there instead.

Update: Posting will give you that error on OP
The error is
  1. 256 /data/repo/www/forum/includes/functions_messenger.php 162
    Could not find email template file [ language/es/email/topic_notify.txt ]

Even though error is thrown in, the actual post is still there.
So it's only in the old forum that has this problem. The new works fine.

2nd update:
This has happened in this thread mysteriously t/520964
The error is still the same, except for the language in "pl"
  1. 256 /data/repo/www/forum/includes/functions_messenger.php 162
    Could not find email template file [ language/pl/email/topic_notify.txt ]

The error didn't show up until recently. I don't know what's causing it, the error didn't happen until my latest post in that thread linked.

  1. The 1st thread had "es" in the error, which probably means Español
  2. The 2nd thread had "pl" and the OP is from Poland

I make the theory of the OP having some sort of error in their email and/or people who have bookmarked/subscribed to the thread.
However, since it only shows as pl, meaning it's likely the former (from the OP)

3rd update:
As from above, from here url=https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/51694 receives the error.
  1. 256 /data/repo/www/forum/includes/functions_messenger.php 162
    Could not find email template file [ language/fr/email/topic_notify.txt ]

Seems like French is affected too.
Well, the error message in this case is surprisingly helpful. It's a part of the phpBB system.

As a point of reference, we can actually see that this file exists:

And you can see that this file DOESN'T exist:

Nor do any of the other language files. You can look around for other files, and you'll see that English's pretty comprehensive, but the other languages don't really exist.

I actually think there aren't any language files period except for English. I've always remembered this forum, since 2007, only having British English as the choice:

And phpbb offers ways to install other language packs, so if one is properly installed, it should show up. So I think it's just the default language only.

So what would be the next question would be why has this been popping up recently. Perhaps there was a recent change that makes the phpbb forums assume language localization for other users? I really don't know since I've always been in the US.

I think really the only ways of fixing it would be for someone with access to the admin panel to install those language packs, or to find why phpbb is going to another localization for that user with emails and to disable that. It's likely some administrative configuration or something under the hood. :|
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