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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on den 31 januari 2017 at 00:37:19

Artist: SHINee
Title: Colorful
Tags: SM entertainment merry christmas song x-mas xmas k-pop kpop short version cut Lee Jin Ki 이진기 Kim Jonghyun 김종현 Kim Kibum 김기범 Choi Minho 최민호 Key Jonghyun Onew Lee Taemin 이태민 RyoKazuka
BPM: 122
Filesize: 15585kb
Play Time: 01:38
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (1,32 stars, 91 notes)
  2. Hard (2,78 stars, 242 notes)
  3. Normal (1,61 stars, 135 notes)
  4. Ryo's Special (3,57 stars, 348 notes)

Download: SHINee - Colorful
Download: SHINee - Colorful (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Banner by Tae

we did it reddit
Oh, alrighty then, nothing to mod for me here then ~

BounceBabe wrote:

Oh, alrighty then, nothing to mod for me here then ~
Yeah sure I'll find a hot taemin background.. If only I had my laptop

Lapis Aoki wrote:

Yeah sure I'll find a hot taemin background.. If only I had my laptop
thanks pls help and make it christmas FIX YOUR FUCKING LAPTOP i mean hi
Dq </3 get more mods


map suck noob CXDXxdxddDdd
im dying
Hey, awesome mapset you got here! :)

I don't see problems with the mapping. New to hitsounding but I think I got the hang of this pretty quickly. note: a few places I've accepted you not hitsounding. fx. 01:16:710 (2) - 01:14:743 (2) - 01:22:611 (2) - because the sequence/note is part of something conflicting with the current pace of the song.

Copypasta: looking back, well the auto, auto's were pretty useless as I realized I had a skin on when I was rechecking. The sound additions are correct though, so I hope you can get the samplesets correct by yourself. <3 :D

00:22:611 (2) - clap

00:32:448 (2) - clap

01:08:841 (2) - auto, auto, clap

01:12:775 (2) - auto, clap

01:23:103 (1) - auto, clap

01:24:087 (2) - auto, clap

01:25:562 (2) - auto, auto, clap

01:27:529 (2) - auto, auto, clap

01:29:497 (2) - clap

01:29:497 (2) - clap
Again, cant find any problems with the mapping itself...

00:07:366 (2) - clap

00:08:103 (3) - whistle

00:12:284 (1) - clap

00:18:677 (2) - auto, clap

00:21:874 (3) - whistle

00:22:120 (1) - clap

00:24:825 (2) - whistle

00:32:448 (2) - clap

00:39:825 (1) - clap

00:44:743 (2) - clap

00:57:038 (2) - clap

00:58:513 (2) - clap

01:06:874 (2) - clap

01:07:366 (1) - clap

01:08:349 (3) - auto, auto, fuck it not typing clap anymore

01:14:743 (4) - ^

01:15:234 (1) - auto, ^

01:15:972 (2) - whistle

01:16:218 (3) - ^

01:22:611 (3) - auto, whistle

01:23:103 (1) - auto, ^

01:23:841 (2) - whistle

01:24:087 (3) - auto clap

01:25:562 (2) - clap... fuck i did it again

01:25:562 (2) - clap

01:27:529 (2) - clap

01:34:907 (1) - clap

01:36:136 (2) - whistle
song is stuck in my head now, thanks...kds!?!?!?
03:46 Firetruck: i just redid the hitsounds on this
03:46 *Firetruck is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1130968 SHINee - Colorful]
03:46 Firetruck: but idk how to use whistle n stuff xD
03:48 Ora: lets see
03:50 Ora: i dont really hear a need for a whistle
03:51 Firetruck: oh nie
03:51 Firetruck: nice
03:51 Firetruck: then i dont have to think about that
03:51 Firetruck: xD
03:51 Ora: 00:34:414 (2) -
03:52 Ora: I hear the finish on this object
03:52 Firetruck: o gotit
03:52 Firetruck: got it
03:52 Ora: 00:49:660 (1) -
03:52 Ora: 00:57:528 (1) -
03:53 Ora: 01:07:365 (1) -
03:53 Firetruck: ootes´grfyhrt ya
03:53 Ora: 01:23:103 - theres a finish here but i dont think it's a big deal
03:53 Ora: since you are mapping lyrics
03:54 Firetruck: yup
03:55 Ora: 01:02:939 - I think u can have a reverse slider here
03:55 Ora: and just move the spinner up a little
03:56 Firetruck: yup
03:56 Ora: 01:30:971 (1) -
03:56 Ora: forgot this one too :p
03:56 Ora: for finish
03:57 Firetruck: yup
03:57 Ora: lets just turn this into irc mod ok? :p
03:57 Ora: i have other suggestions too
03:57 Firetruck: oh sure
03:57 Firetruck: xD
03:57 Ora: 01:31:709 (3) -
03:58 Ora: u should make that the same rhythm
03:58 Ora: as the others
03:58 Ora: 01:30:971 (1,2) -
03:58 Ora: 01:32:447 (4,1) -
03:58 Firetruck: sure
03:59 Ora: 00:09:824 (5) -
03:59 Firetruck: wait is it just me or does it feel weird when it is
04:00 Ora: 01:32:447 (4,1) -
04:00 Ora: oops
04:00 Ora: not that
04:00 Ora: 01:32:079 -
04:00 Ora: if u are mapping to the lyrics
04:00 Ora: there is definitely a beat there
04:01 Firetruck: i mean i did this 01:30:971 (1,2) - rhythm since there was a strong beat on 2
04:01 Firetruck: xd
04:02 Ora: ok yeah i see
04:02 Ora: but you map the blue tick because of the lyrics
04:02 Ora: so maybe just make the slider shorter
04:02 Ora: idk it's weird]
04:03 Ora: why cant they just put strong beats on all of them D:
04:03 Firetruck: yea its weird xD dapojfspg
04:04 Firetruck: 01:15:233 (1,2,3,4,1) - i did the same here as there
04:04 Ora: if I were mapping I would do the same for all and just wait for a bn to see what they think
04:04 Ora: because it might be overmapped
04:04 Firetruck: yup i will
04:04 Ora: but you would still be missing at beat to map at 01:32:079 -
04:05 Ora: same for the first one
04:05 Firetruck: yea D:
04:05 Ora: 01:32:447 (5,1) - thise one you mapped it slider circle but the strong note isnt as loud as the first one
04:06 Ora: this*
04:06 Firetruck: ill just end it on the blue tick for now xasfsetwgswe
04:06 Ora: k
04:06 Ora: lets move on
04:06 Ora: 00:08:840 (2,5) -
04:06 Ora: you can fix that a little
04:06 Ora: just rotate 00:09:332 (3,4,5,6) - maybe
04:06 Firetruck: yuop
04:06 Firetruck: yup
04:07 Ora: make it look nicerrrrrrrrr
04:07 Firetruck: 00:09:332 (3,4,5,6) - i like this pattern cuz it kinda looks like a snowflake xD
04:07 Firetruck: but yup made it niver
04:07 Firetruck: nicer
04:08 Ora: lol very creative :^)
04:10 Firetruck: :^)
04:11 Ora: not bad :^)
04:11 Ora: no more complaints
04:11 Firetruck: ty :^)
04:12 Firetruck: 01:13:267 (1,2,3,4) - i did the pattern in normal too :^)
04:13 Ora: ez rank
04:13 Firetruck: ty ty
04:13 Ora: 01:33:431 (2) -
04:13 Ora: optional but you could make this in the direction of the next circle
04:13 Ora: like this
04:14 Ora: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6644857
04:14 Ora: i think it would flow better
04:14 Firetruck: sure hwy not
04:14 Firetruck: yup
04:15 Ora: 00:16:218 (1,1) - could be a problem
04:15 Ora: because of switching from spinner to circle so fast
04:15 Ora: on such a low diff
04:15 Firetruck: i thought that was ok on normal D:
04:15 Firetruck: since it's pretty low bpm as well
04:15 Firetruck: ageatgwesyh
04:16 Ora: your normal is barely a normal. hmmmm
04:16 Ora: 122 is still pretty high imo
04:16 Firetruck: xD tru
04:16 Ora: you can probably get away with it
04:16 Firetruck: yea hopefully
04:16 Firetruck: xD
04:16 Ora: but i would ask a professional :^)
04:17 Firetruck: ypu i will :^)
04:18 Ora: 01:19:169 (1,2) -
04:18 Ora: the angle on 1 seems random
04:19 Ora: because you have 2 perfectly horizontal
04:19 Firetruck: ya tru
04:19 Ora: since the pattern is tilted to the right
04:19 Ora: I would copy and paste 2
04:19 Ora: and then rotate 90
04:19 Ora: idk
04:19 Firetruck: wait how do u rotate now again i forgto
04:20 Ora: ctrl+shift+r
04:20 Firetruck: ty
04:20 Ora: thats it for norm
04:21 Ora: 00:31:956 (1) -
04:21 Firetruck: ty
04:21 Ora: easy now
04:21 Firetruck: yup
04:23 Ora: 01:09:333 (1,1) -
04:23 Ora: stack
04:23 Firetruck: woops mistake
04:23 Firetruck: done
04:24 Ora: 00:14:251 (1,2,1) -
04:24 Ora: u will hate me for saying this but it looks lazy
04:24 Ora: :s
04:24 Firetruck: asnafhaeudghjoi i am a lazy person
04:24 Ora: you have this 00:02:448 (1,2,1) -
04:25 Ora: with a smaller curve
04:25 Firetruck: but its a pretty pattern ;;;;
04:25 Firetruck: xD
04:25 Ora: and u use the same later on for the end
04:25 Ora: 01:13:267 (1,2,1) -
04:25 Firetruck: yes
04:25 Firetruck: its hard to be creative on eas yxD
04:25 Ora: and idk
04:25 Ora: the first and last ones are fine because they are identical
04:26 Ora: but the one I linked has a smaller curve
04:26 Ora: D:
04:26 Firetruck: i didnt even copy paste im god
04:26 Firetruck: ajfaig ill mkae bigger curve then
04:26 Ora: holy u didnt
04:26 Ora: lol
04:26 Firetruck: nope
04:28 Ora: that slider art
04:28 Ora: so fancy
04:28 Ora: see you are creative with easy
04:28 Ora: 00:57:529 (1) -
04:28 Firetruck: (^::::
04:28 Ora: did you fix 01:14:743 (2) - after u stacked the previous slider :s
04:28 Ora: the DS
04:29 Ora: just making sure
04:29 Firetruck: yes
frytrck light mod 4 u

[- - General - -]
  • - Make sure to check in all the difficulties' settings for the widescreen support.
    - The video is pretty clear that it's a little too early by the looks of the edits they've used on the music video. I've tried several video offsets thorough, so the nearest offset I got is 1025ms. Might be wrong, might be not. Give it a try~
    - Planning to add some custom combo colors later on or something?
[- - Easy - -]
  1. 00:31:464 (2,1) - Kinda self-explanatory here, the distance spacing changed to 1x pretty sudden visually with the patterning and placement. Better watch out for it.
  2. 00:57:529 (1) - You could still give another try polishing the slider's big curve over this one. You'd rather use the curve's sliderpoints by moving them into a correct place, or you can add a few anchors somewhere in-between the sliderpoints to smoothen the curve. Gonna drop this as a sample. Or you can try different curve than just a big one if you don't mind.
[- - Normal - -]
  1. 00:20:152 (1,2,3) - 00:28:021 (1,2) - 00:35:890 (1,2) - 00:43:759 (1,2) - You would've already known when things comes up with rhythms like these. For a Normal difficulty, it shouldn't be too easy or too hard. And the parts I've mentioned are quite having some potential for tweaking in more. So how about trying another kind of rhythm composition that's simple, but not too simple, that represents a normal difficulty much clearly. If you'd like to follow vocals, this might be suitable. Or something else that goes around the song track like following downbeats, you can try another way. Both of them really works out better than the current in my opinion.
  2. 00:24:087 (1) - Optional objective: The foremost of the flowing and aesthetics, I would personally prefer flipping this slider horizontally (Ctrl + H) in order to flow towards the next note and the previous pretty much direct, and maybe smoother. Wouldn't be that bad if seen thorough.
  3. 00:41:792 (1) - Well, this kinda faces some patterning and rhythm consistency over this verse and the whole track. I've probably looked over and saw this one is different than any other including the reverse arrow. So most of your parts like, 00:18:677 (2,3) - and 00:34:415 (2,3) -, are mapped with 1/1 slider and a circle except this. So it's best you reconsider it.
  4. 01:09:333 (1,2) - Uhmm, much nearly as the previous issue for flipping or so. But for this one, I'd flow best when these two circles were swapped in placement. Like a reversal, which is Ctrl + G... if you want to keep the triangle pattern. You could also try a different way if you dislike to mislead the structure a few bit.
[- - Hard - -]
  1. - Ehh, if I may... notify you to check AiMod on this difficulty? Have you done some offset change, or something before updating, or whatsoever?
  2. 00:28:020 (1,2,3) - 00:45:971 (2,3,4) - Speaking about distance spacing, probably these two parts are kinda not balanced through the gameplay. One is 0.10x away and the other 0.05x. Not a big issue, but it's one of the most important adjustments. If you're intending some weird jump here, then that didn't really worked though.
  3. 00:43:758 (1,2) - These two sliders are almost a little gimmick in my point of view. If I were to map that, I would flip slider (2) horizontal, maybe rotate anti-clockwise a bit, and overlap under slider (1) to provide a wider space on grid. If you really didn't like my thing, you can try blanketing accurately as usual, or change position of slider (1) and indirectly curve it for aesthetics. Well, everything else is up to you.
  4. 01:07:366 (1) - Starting from here, as the chorus of the song. I wonder why using a lower distance spacing over other non-kiai tracks that have bigger than this while the song is very intense and distinctive overtime. So I highly suggest an increase a bit of note density on this chorus part.
... Not a full version sadly ;/ Still needs a few more rework on the Hard difficulty, but you're a little closer for being an adequate mapper~
Good luck frytka
@cho kyuhyun fixed everythin so im too lazy to quote and write ''agreed'' on everthing lol but idek wtf happend with hard lmao
my speci is almost done D:

RyoKazuka wrote:

my speci is almost done D:

  1. Could you explain to me what the music has to do with BG? Okay, it's Christmas, but the video is completely different from what you put as BG, change the BG and put something with the theme of music, this BG refers to something melancholy, sad and slow, Following that same thought, you could add some combo colors on the map, the map goes without identity without a combo of its own, put something else with the music, with the (new) BG and the style of the map

  2. I think your map will not need the Widescreen enabled because it does not have SB, this is only activated for a better quality of view of the SB, I advise you to take it out

  3. On the Tags, I think "TV Size" could not be there, this did not come from a right opening? This did not come from a drama or an anime right? So there's no need for that tag to be there because it was not cut to be on TV, you can maybe add this:
    Xmas X-mas Lee Jin Ki 이진기 Kim Jonghyun 김종현 Kim Kibum 김기범 Choi Minho 최민호 Key Jonghyun Onew Lee Taemin 이태민

  1. 00:02:448 (1,2,1,1,2) - Do not you think that's a bit lazy? This is not good for your map, its gameplay will be very repetitive, it's a bit tedious to play, try to be a little more creative, it's not a mistake that will compromise your map to a possible disqualification, but it's Something a bit repetitive to play

  2. 00:49:661 - Well, I did not understand the reason for a break here, it has an incredible pace on that part of the map, do not let your laziness attack, it's kinda boring to see such forter rhythms being ignored that way

  3. 00:57:529 (1) - Really there is no need for this, there is no extended rhythm here, there is a spinner session, please do not let your sloth take over, these are things that leave the map, not bad, but boring to play

  4. 01:01:464 (1) - It's not exactly accurate, but my ears tell me that it ends in 01:05:275 - , you can listen with 25% and confirm if I'm right or not, it's a spinner, it makes no difference to be on 1/4 or 1/1 as long as it's right

  5. 01:27:529 (2,2) - The flow of these two sliders is not good, let's say two sliders facing the same side are "ugly" visually and bother ingame, a very good thing for the flow will be to break that wave of curved sliders leaving 01:29:497 (2) - straight, it would be very Better and the flow would look great, maybe like this http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/6682922

  1. 00:03:431 (2,3,1) - The first one is the one that does not follow the sequence of the others and is a bit easier, the consistency of your map drops with this, maybe you should match the other sessions to this, because all of them have the same number 00:07:366 (2,3,1,2,3) - But the first one does not have the same number of others, I advise to follow the consistency so that your map does not have future problems with this

  2. 00:16:218 (1,1) - The correct pause time between a spinner and another note is two white ticks, being easy 3, normal 2 and hard 1, because beginners are not very good with notes after spinners and to avoid tragedies is advisable That you use something else to replace this spinner, above all the consistency falls with the other difficulties, this is the only one that has spinner in this place in specific, try to vary, but without losing the consistency

  3. 00:34:415 (2) - I think this is a very strong beat of the music, it should stand out, and a stack does not let it have the brightness that it has in the beat of the song, try to give a greater emphasis to this note and with that the flow will be much better

I do not have much to say about this diff, but there are some points I wanted to list

  1. 00:34:414 (2) - Same as Normal diff

  2. 00:42:283 (2,3) - 00:47:447 (1,4) - The flow here does not run at all well, I have listed something like this in any of the above difficulties, a straight slider would break that wave of curved sliders and leave the flow much better

  3. 01:06:627 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - This is a bit too intense, it's a very tight curve for beginners on the Hard difficulty, try to make this curve a bit more open so that beginners do not harm themselves with this session

  4. 01:22:856 (1) - Wow, brave, you're ignoring a Finish here and that's not good at all, finishes are one of the most sacred things on the map, it's the high point, that point that deserves attention with a circle, I advise you to change it urgently
about the BG, you can put this, or this

thats all, this is a good mapset, GL~ and merry christmas!
oh mY GOD THANK YOU FOR THE BGS ILY -gonna respond to mod in a sec
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