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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on May 22, 2021 at 3:59:19 PM

Artist: Falcom Sound Team jdk
Title: Inevitable Struggle -demo version-
Source: 英雄伝説 零の軌跡
Tags: Lily_Bread Adol_Christin Deca Decaedeus J.D.K. 碧の軌跡 legend of heroes zero ao no kiseki trails of to azure blue rpg game boss theme Video Game Rock Instrumental Super Arrange Bonus Track
BPM: 188
Filesize: 3356kb
Play Time: 01:53
Difficulties Available:
  1. Adol's Insane (4.73 stars, 374 notes)
  2. Deca's Normal (2.4 stars, 252 notes)
  3. Lilylfj's Hard (3.55 stars, 316 notes)
  4. Nightmare (5.18 stars, 406 notes)

Download: Falcom Sound Team jdk - Inevitable Struggle -demo version-
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
why is timing so messed up

nvm thank mr pishifat

BG by swd3e2
jonathanlfj - Today at 1:39 PM
key pishi are you around?
pishi - Today at 1:39 PM
hi yes
jonathanlfj - Today at 1:40 PM
do you have time to fix 10 seconds of a mp3 for me
pishi - Today at 1:40 PM
depends on what it is
jonathanlfj - Today at 1:40 PM
osu! » Detailed difficulty and ranking information for Falcom Sound Team jdk - Inevitable Struggle -demo version- (mapped by jonathanlfj).
the intro
sounds slightly off from the normal bpm and i had to hax some red points in there
i was wondering if you can normalize it
oh yeah if you are down for it i have a 320kbps mp3 you can work with
pishi - Today at 1:49 PM
already started with the 192 one gg
jonathanlfj - Today at 1:49 PM
oh thats fine
pishi - Today at 1:56 PM
jonathanlfj - Today at 1:57 PM
damn that was fast
thanks a lot
you could post for kd if you want :smile:
pishi - Today at 1:57 PM
Adol Christin

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