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Current Priority: +0
Right now, whenever I enter the editor and start mapping, I see something that bothers me. Timing Setup has an entire tab dedicated to "styles" that is totally empty. Kiai time is the currently the only style Osu! has and that bothers me. Surely we can think of some other "styles" that would enhance our Osu! experiences. THAT is what I'm requesting. We should create some brand new style, something worthy of standing alongside Kiai Time.

Here's an idea I thought of. I don't care if this one crashes and burns or not. The point of this thread is that we should start thinking of some new style for Osu!

~Chill Time: When you just need a little R&R~
Effects: Soothing Stars, Slower Approach Rate, Slower Hp Drain.

Maps that would benefit: Beatmaps that use multiple slider speeds.

"Some songs have slower, quieter segments in the middle of total chaos. These would be refreshing, if the Approach Rate and Hp Drain wasn't so high. That's what Chill Time is all about. Basically, Chill Time would be a special effect used to create a sort of "eye of the storm" feeling for maps that use multiple Slider Speeds. It would lower the Approach Rate and Hp Drain, making these segments more reasonable. Also, a Soothing Star effect would flow through the background, creating a relaxing ambiance."

What kind of star effect? This is what I'm thinking of...
"Stars would slowly float out from the sides of the screen, gradually spinning like leaves in a pond. The screen would eventually fill with about ten of these, all floating around the play-field."

There, that's my idea.
Discuss AR changes here. Just a heads up that it probably won't happen there, so the chances of it being FORCEFULLY added onto something else are about nil.

Slider speed changes are already readable via tick spacing. They don't need something like this.

As a purely cosmetic effect, I can't see why not, but it seems unnecessary to me. The only reason kiai isn't storyboardable is because of glow effects and cursor stars, neither of which suit this kind of effect.
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