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ziin wrote:

cursoroverlay - or something like that. The blue cross does not spin, but is obviously not the trail. Occasionally it doesn't actually display when switching skins.
I'd like to have an answer to this, too. Is there any way to make it show all the time like in default skin? ;_;
I already did some skinning with the new cursor, and the only question I really have is.... what's the name of the cursor overlay? ._.

inb4 cursoroverlay.png

...Also, I made a post in the template skin thread a while ago requesting an update with the new cursor but it got ignored ._.
I believe peppy's intention when adding the blue cross was that it would display in the default skin but vanish in other skins, and thus would not be skinnable. If it's showing up in other skins at all then maybe I've misread the situation
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It's disappearing in the default skin occasionally when you switch skins, so you have to restart osu!

A number of people would like to skin that cross though. And at least I'd like to have a long cursor trail.
i would really want this to be skinnable,
if you see the cursor of this map: (Ok it's a joke map now but you get the idea what I want with the cursor). It's very ghost-like atm.
For everyone who wants a long cursor trail just add a cusormiddle in the skin folder . '' cursormiddle.PNG'' if you want just duplicate your original cursor and rename it ''cursormiddle''
2 years old thread. gg
How/why do people even find these old threads?

Old threads shouldn't be bumped, seeing as no one wanted to post in them anyway and you're just carrying on a long-dead discussion.

chelly wrote:

How/why do people even find these old threads?
Simply by searching for it in the forums, this one is easy "new cursor options" just search that and i bet you this will pop up.

Heibel wrote:

2 years old thread. gg
Sorry for reviving this thread. I realized no one posted a solution so I just tried helping. (its my first post ever and I already got blamed xD never again ;- ; )
i know how to fix this nerco bump problem \:D/
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