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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2016年11月17日 at 17:01:06

Artist: Demetori
Title: Reverse Ideology ~ The Antinomy of Ideology
Source: 東方project
Tags: touhou
BPM: 164
Filesize: 6787kb
Play Time: 03:58
Difficulties Available:
  1. Reverse Ideology (5.42 stars, 1641 notes)

Download: Demetori - Reverse Ideology ~ The Antinomy of Ideology
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
have fun!
All complete!
更新:(thanks for moding and 東方project xdd) now ar9.3 OD8,修改了一些timing和节奏错误,感谢指出,但是排列变化不大(still hard to read??)
huge pointer. you have this listed as "touhou porject". mispelling! i think you meant "touhou project"
this is such an awesome song
but i feel the map could use more sliders, and a little less streams and burst streams, and definitely more parts where single tapping is required. especially in the beginning starting at 00:06:102 (1) - i feel that there should be less burst streams and throw in some parts to single tap as well, as well as some sliders. i also understand that since the map right now is heavily stream based, it is probably a good idea to have the OD at 7.5, but if it were to have more sliders and single tapping parts incorporated into it, the OD should definitely be 8 at least, maybe even more like 8.5.
00:41:407 (1) - i feel this would be very difficult to read, maybe move it somewhere else
00:53:114 (1) - ^
01:06:163 (7) - this note if you listen closely enough, is actually slightly behind the guitars, it needs to be fixed to match the timing of the guitars
01:08:907 (1) -
01:09:090 (2) - ^these two notes both are slightly off from the guitars as well, they need to be fixed. if you listen hard enough at it slowed down they dont match up
01:11:102 (2) - ^
01:11:285 (3) - ^
01:12:444 (8) - ^
01:14:212 (3) - this one is hard to tell because it sounds like the guitars are sliding between notes, making it hard to tell when the actual note is being played, but just in case, double check again to make sure its on time with with the guitars
01:14:944 (6) - ^
01:17:444 (7) - ^
01:23:114 (1) - this circle is a little hard to read. it could still be readable if someone have played the map a couple of times, or know its coming
01:28:053 (1) - ^
01:45:614 (1) -
01:39:761 (1) - i find this one a little easier to read than the others
01:39:029 (2) - i like how this note is on the side of the stream and it works with how the toms start to kick in with the drum fill. maybe using the drum hit sounds instead would compliment it nicely or even use custom hitsounds :D
01:47:992 (2) - this circle and the 2 that follow could be drum hitsounds instead
01:50:005 (1) - this stream could have the same hitsounds as i suggested before with the toms
02:01:712 (1) - this stream needs one more circle on the end at 02:03:084 and with that being said the combo needs to be fixed. 02:02:352 (1) - should not be a new combo, you can either leave the entire stream as one combo (which might not fit in since lots of the streams only go up to 8 max on combos) or start a new combo at 02:02:444 (2) - i should also add in that this combo might need to be in 1/3 instead of 1/4 but im not entirely sure, its hard to hear the drums.
02:10:492 (5) - i dont know if you were trying to have the slider change direction in accordance with the guitar or not, but if you were, it shouldnt be here, it should be at 02:10:584 (1) - instead. although, the note on guitar seems to be sustained for two counts, so technically this still could work too, if im making sense
02:11:041 (6) - ^
02:12:596 (2) - its not the same here however if that is what you were intending. the note doesnt last 2 counts and the stream should change direction on 02:12:505 (1) - instead
02:20:188 (1) - hard to read
02:35:188 (1) - maybe not place circle right in middle, doesnt look good to me
02:56:682 (6) - this could maybe be moved just a little to the left more, to maintain the curce, but looks a little far to the right
03:00:797 (1) - hitsounds again ;)
03:11:956 (1) - ^
03:13:328 (9) - there is another note on drums at this point
03:15:432 (3) - slider should maybe go towards the left instead of right. it would look better in my opinion
03:24:395 (2) - start those hitsounds here
03:37:657 (3) - right around here the drums change, so if you wanted to match them it would be 1/3 instead of 1/4. it would make more sense towards the end, even to stop the stream sooner to switch from 1/4 to 1/3, then continue it in 1/3. and it could even follow the drums more at the end too since the drums dont entirely continue playing the whole time. hitsounds
overall there should just be more hitsounds lol, it would make it sound a lot cooler and im pretty sure you need them in order to get your map ranked anyways

hope this helped because it took me a while lol. i like the map overall and the song is still pretty great :D
no kd

节奏太简单,多用些不同的节奏比如1/1滑条 1/4滑条什么的
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