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Welcome to my modding queue~

You can drop your maps here
I'll be modding when i have free time

However, i have rules:

  1. I can skip your request if i dont like the song
  2. Ican mod from Hard (+3*~) to extras
  3. I can mod in english or spanish, so specify the language you want the mod i Will only mod in spanish if you specify it in your request
  4. If you have specific diffs you want modded, write it in your request
  5. Dont post here if your map has already +20~ SP (i still need to learn about modding to give helpful mods)
  6. Ill mod up to 4 mins of total drain time (less if im lazy or up to 5 mins if i really like the song)
  7. Any genre is fine, but anime/japanese music are more likely to get mods
  8. Ill be picking maps randomly, so dont spam the same map please, at least a week from time i mod your map (if i mod it) but if you have more maps feel free to link them here
  9. Give those delicious kudos always, and reply my mod too, even if its not helpful
  10. Write "plz enjoy game" in your request to prove you read the rules

Rules for M4M are the same, but with some extras:

  1. Higher priority over any NM
  2. You have 4 days from the time i post my mod on your map to mod mine, if not, blacklist
  3. Total drain time up to 6-7 mins~ (this may change depending of the map im working at that moment)
  4. Ill quote you if i accept, and i mod first, if you mod my map without being quoted it will count as a NM from you
  5. Write "plz enjoy game" too c:

Here's my map for M4M: LiSA - Brave Freak Out

You want a GD from this non-famous shitty mapper? If thats the case please be sure to follow these requerments:
  1. Any genre is fine, with some personal exeptions
  2. Not more than 2 minutes (unless its a song i like a lot, for that case may be up to 3~ mins or even 4~ mins If its for an extra diff)
  3. Extra diff or above (5*~) are more likely to be accepted since i feel more confortable with that, i suck at mapping hard and a litte on insane, i can map normal though, so keep that in mind when requesting~
  4. Jmusic has better chances to be chosen
  5. Maps going for rank please ;w;
  6. If its a song from the following artist: Wagakki Band, AKINO, EGOIST, SPYAIR, Hiroyuki Sawano, MYTH & ROID, LiSA, GARNiDELiA, Wakeshima Kanon, Aimer, Kano, yuikonnu or any Honeyworks song are more likely to be chosen (You can skip the 2 minutes limit rule for this)
  7. Plz enjoy game guys

You can catch me ingame if you have any question from a mod i posted, also you can ask me directly your request.
m4m req: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/463905
see if u r interested, plz enjoy game
nm request


plz enjoy game
NM req here!


Just for Rem diff!

plz enjoy game :D
Captain Unicorn
NM request pls
It's understandable if this is declined
Pls enjoy game!
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Garden wrote:

m4m req: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/463905
see if u r interested, plz enjoy game
Accepted, ill be modding it today maybe
NM Request

Preferably look at Insane (Hard has 2nd priority)

plz enjoy game!

Thanks in advance
nm req o/
Mapo: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/436795 any diff is fine
plz enjoy gaem
- myRumble -
- Map Title: nano.RIPE - Hana no iro (TV Size)
- Map Link: Click!
- Artist: nano.RIPE
- Priority Difficulties: Next's Insane (If you want you can mod all Diffs)

NM req
English pls and Hibana diff pls
pls enjoy game
Thx! c:
hi, can i have an nm



plz enjoy game
I'd like one NM :)
plz enjoy game

I'd like an NM pls ( 5 min map w/ 1 diff tho, and not japanese/anime but i hope you mod some of it~ )


plz enjoy game
Hi~ xD
Maybe NM my map?
Thanks man! xD
plz enjoy game
can do a M4M if you want :D
[ Lilu ]

nm for this one difficulty please :D


Its a bit long and im a newbie mapper, so if you do decide to choose this one, gl :P

Whoops, i forgot to add, plz enjoy game
Heya! Nitrous here. Here's NM request for my map. You don't have to mod all of the diffs. Thanks!
  1. Aqours - Kimeta yo Hand in Hand

plz enjoy game
Hey, NM Request,
I really hope you like this song :)

https://osu.ppy.sh/s/529991 plz enjoy game

NM request~ I'll give you cookies if you do :3

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