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Have a huge problem with my pen grip which i newer noticed before and actually used it for over a year

I hover but ranomly during longer jump section my pen will eventually scratch against the tablet and the friction really messes up my aim and i use fairly low area + 1024x768 play field so it really makes me miss a lot

My area : http://i.imgur.com/55nSJqO.png take that - the resolution or the play field and it becomes pretty small

My grip : This is usually how i start the song i have good aim and no problem playing what so ever http://i.imgur.com/IkT7Kao.jpg

And it usually ends like this http://i.imgur.com/430cXu1.jpg after 20-30 seconds in making my aim extremely inconsistent due the drag friction which im not used to

Thing is i cant focus on the song and keeping the pen up at the same time so no matter what i do it always ends up touching the tablet

anyone knows how i can force my pen to hover without changing grip to much and not holding it on the tip cause in that case jumps are impossible for me
If youre gonna continue using that grip then decreasing your tablet area so your hand wont need to move as much and create friction. but I would advise changing your grip altogether and learning that way because it would be better in the long run :3 but hey what do I know lel
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